Friday, March 4, 2005

News :-/

                             AOL News - Is 16 Too Young to Drive a Car?    

I don't even need to put my own opinions up regarding this one.  ugh.....


  1. I agree and htere are some idiots who should not be driving either,,,,Becky

  2. Yes it is! absolutely! 16 is too young! teenagers are just NOT responsible enough to pay attention to the road and the laws! My SD's best friend (richelle) died in november after driving too fast and showing off for a boy who was following behind her. She only had her license (a FEW days) and had just turned 17. She went through all the training and the classes and was an EXCELLENT student (straight a's) so her parents allowed her to get her license. I have an archived entry in my journal about it...
    It was very sad... so NONE of my children will be getting a license until they're 18!! Period!

  3. I didn't get my licence till after I was married and almost 20yrs old lol.  My parents just didn't have the time nor the patience to teach  me, even though I did go threw driver's ed.  I am glad too, who knows all the other trouble I could of found myself in if I had wheels too lmbo.

    I have four kids and I can kind of see the benefit of having another driver in the house, so I am not the family taxi but I don't know if we will have them get theirs when they are 16 or not.  My husband and I really haven't talked about it. (we have at least 6 yrs before we have to worry about it)  I am thinking by then the laws are going to be changed to 18 anyway.  A lot of states are changing it to that.

    Much Love,

  4. Yeah Tracy was reading that. Of course Our girls got them at 16 but we have our own restrictions for htem. After the state gives them free riegn. We have our rules. Rachael was like yeah I m glad I got mine!!!!!!! LOL Lori

  5. hm. Well Im a 16yr old and well I think there are some 16 year olds who are mature enough to drive, however a majority are not ready. I just practiced last night with my dad, I did pretty good!

    I dont have my license though, I won thave it til 17, this is only for my permit.

    talk soon
    meg -=0)

  6. i got my permit @ 16--had my permit for 9 months(i had to wait 3 extra til I turned 17)...And got my lisence at 17---So if they changed the driving age now it's OK w/ me :P

    But I defintly see why you feel that way, Amy


  7. My daughter got her license but I didn't allow her to drive alone for almost a year ...because I wanted to make sure she was aware of the dangers on both sides and was conmfortable with all aspects of driving...It worked out well, so far everyting has been good. te kids tink they are invincible and don't realize  that it isn't only their driving they have to watch out for but more so the other guy.....


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