Saturday, March 19, 2005

OK....OK.... <g> many of y'all have been brave enough to show your ::ahem:: 'area' that I'll show mine.  I just cleaned it yesterday, but 'clean' is relative, right?  

I mentioned to Becky that the only reason there wasn't a plate there is because I haven't figured out what's for breakfast yet.  (Yes, I AM aware that it's 3 in the afternoon.  pfft.) 


  1. DANG!  I would KILL for that desk!  I love it.  We have an old..I mean OLD metal desk, like teachers had in the 70's, for Kevin's computer area, and an almost-as-old wooden desk (like teachers had in the 80's!) for mine.  They work, and his was a garage sale find, mine was donated by a friends dad, so I'm happy that I haven't shelled out a bunch of cash, but that's a NICE setup!

  2. yours is a lot cleaner than mine....:)

  3. Wow! What a cool desk! Sooooo much room!! But like my mom always said the bigger the space the bigger the mess! Sorry! I believe we are kindred spirits. Your journals seem to be my life!! LOL As a matter of fact I was sitting here contemplating the gas and match idea too!! It was either that of take the kids and animals to the pound!! Have a great day!!

  4. Now that does not look bad at all girl. I NOTICE your window is open and your grass is green> MAN I want to do that. I need awindow by the pc. Lori

  5. You are brave to show something so intimate.  :)   Do I dare?   LOL

  6. what is ur aol backround theme?


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