Saturday, March 19, 2005

Pimpin' - whether she wants it or not... :)


So many times, on AOL, have we felt a kindred relation to someone.  Indeed, today is one of those days.  Becky ?  You're my girl, ok?!  Muahahahahahahaha.....first of all, you've got guts.  Secondly, who knew so many of us would glance at our surroundings and nod understandingly.  ::HUGS AND GIGGLES:: 


  1. not sure if I should delete that entry of mine!!!  LOL and should I tell you , that you have guts??  after all you have been thru, you have the guts to laugh at me , especially since I do not think you can outrun me!  LOL
    I luv ya!!!

  2. ROFL ~ if you can find me under MY mess....I'll email you a


  3. I am going to check her out now!

  4. This is what I love about j land meeting someone whom you might not have that you have so much in common with. Lori

  5. Thanks for your comment in my journal, Amy.

    No, I am not livin' it up in Colorado anymore. :(  I am now livin' it up in Sweet Home Alabama where it is hot and muggy and has plenty of bugs and snakes!!!  Eeeewwww!!!!  I have already realized a couple of reasons God has brought us back here.  Very close friends are going through a very nasty divorce.  Don and I introduced them.  They have been so happy.  We lost touch a little over a year ago.  We cannot imagine what has brought them to this point.  We are devastated.
    They are one couple who truly had the brass ring.  I also have a nephew who becomes suicidal from time to time.  Lost my youngest brother to suicide in 1999.  I am so glad we were back, so my son could go to him.  He has a way with him like noone else does.  Thank God we were here!!!!  Can't go through that again!!!!


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