Friday, March 25, 2005

Pitiful, I know.....

Alright...alright......I admit it.  I'm pathetic. 

There I was scrounging around in my cabinets for ANYTHING resembling milk-product to go in my coffee.  I had even run out of powdered milk that I usually use for the bread machine.  I was ready to go sit in my dark room alone because me without morning coffee is not a pretty sight.   

My cabinets.....are very high. short.  So.  I went and got a chair and stood on the chair to see what I could find in the back of the cabinet. 


It's not my usual morning cuppa, but it'll do in a fix.....for MY fix.   

The world can rest easy once again......


  1. ah I just would have taken a deep sigh of relief except I am on the rampage. YUP Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got an mp3 player and cant figure it out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't know what it is like to not have morning coffee or coffee at anytime.  I have never drank it (oh tasted it once) love the smell hate the taste now chocolate is a whole different story. I have to get my caffeine somehow.

  3. I'm calling off the SWAT team, and planning on a good nights sleep!! LOL rich

  4. glad you found soemthing...grumping away to unpack the car...and hte milk I had packed to bring to you!

  5. wow glad you found  I was really nervous..he he he

  6. yay! achievement!!

    haha now I hope you enjoyed that cup o joe!

  7. ROFL! Emergency Adverted... World is Safe again!

  8. What worked for me once when I ran out of cream/milk/dairy anything.. Well, lo and behold.. the chocolate chip cookie dough icecream worked... good enough lmao* Mel

  9. You're not pathetic...when we want something we must have it...any way we can!!

  10. Hi Amy-
    Oh boy, you don't ever want to see me without my coffee (fresh Espresso Roast beans grinded at the store fresh---it's a very strong coffee bean-maybe the and my French Vanilla Coffee Mate (can't be powder, has to be the liquid--powder coffee mate to me tastes like, well you know crap). There have been very few mornings that Iv'e had to wake up to not only no coffe, but none of my vanilla coffee stuff, which wouldn't have done any good anyway. It was so ugly!! That morning I think I even scared the dogs. I actually buy double supplies of both now when I go to the grocery store. And if it's on sale (and it is a lot of the time) at Von's/Safeway, then I really stock up. Husband just laughs, but he is a guy who is also a big coffee drinker like me, but drinks his black.......ewwwww!

    So you see Amy, we are sisters. I told you so!! LOL

    Take care,

  11. Glad that things worked out for you!!

  12. I want to wish a very Happy Easter to you and your family...much love to you all...


  13. You are just as bad as the kids!  I'll tell them look in the fridge..."I don't see it!", I get my lazy butt up open fridge and there it is, whatever they were looking for, I swear they do it just to get me off this chair!


  14. I understand how you feel. I had a craving for a ham and cheese sandwich made from home the other day...i was going nuts. I called my mom from work and told her I wanted a ham and cheese sandwich for dinner with a glass of coke. I understand. Lol.

  15. I did the same thing this month looking for creamer was better than no coffee at all....Hope you had a great Easter..I've just been checking all the journals still trying to catch up. I was away til Good Friday....Haven't been on all week....


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