Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Saturday Six - on Sunday

....time for another installment of weird answers from me.  Visit Patrick's Place and see other peoples' answers, too....  

1. You know company is coming:  do you panic and immediately begin cleaning house or do you sit back and relax because your place is already clean? I sit back and watch Jesse running around cleaning like he's possessed.  I can't say my house is immaculate, but nobody's ever gone missing in here....

2. Which was a bigger surprise for you:  
a) Robert Blake was acquitted
b) Martha Stewart did jail time
c) Scott Peterson was sentenced to death
d) The Michael Jackson trial began at all

B.  Now if Michael would be the man Martha was and just take the jail time he deserves....

3. What was in the last package you received in the mail?  Travel Stickers from Victorian Trading Company

4. What commercial annoys you the most at the moment?  Hmm....they're actually coming out with funny ones more now.  The one I LOVE is the guy who is in his living room jammin' out to a Backstreet Boy-esque song with all of the neighbors peeking in his window and the camera pans out and it's a Dad dancing with his daughter.  'Takes a Man to be a Dad...'

5. What charity was the last one to call you to solicit a donation?  Did you give them money?  Why or why not?  The Policeman's something or other.  I didn't.  Police are not high on my favorites list as of late.

6. What common household product do you hate to run out of the most?  Paper towels.  I MUST have a spare roll or my life is in turmoil.


  1. amen sista to what you said about Michael!

  2. good answers! The last solicitation I got was from some disabled policeofficers association. I get those at least 2xs a month! I've read somewhere that it's just a big scam... I'll have to do this sat6 too...if i get the time :o)

  3. Iihate running out of toilet paper LOL OH MAN!!!!!!!! Now i Have never seen that commercial. Man it sounds so cute. !!!!!!!! I dont donate to policeman either!!!!!!! YOU KNOW WHY!!!!!!!!!!!  HUM I m clean nut others say but I always freak LOL

  4. hmmm, police arent on your list of favorites...Im a deputy, maybe I shouldnt be commenting then if you don't like us...  :(   :)

  5. Ooh, good call not giving to he Police Whatever Association.  My dad's a cop, and he says it definitely is a scam...they only donate a small percentage of the money the bring in.  Last time the called me I said, "No, I talked to my dad, whose a police officer and--"  Click.


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