Tuesday, March 29, 2005

There's a squirrel jumping on my trampoline....

There's a squirrel jumping on my trampoline....    

Yeah, a squirrel.  I'm walking down my hallway, and since our back door is full glass (to take advantage of the lake view), I'm looking out the door.  As I'm looking 'ohhh pretty....what a nice view.....' I see this kamikaze squirrel take a flying leap from an oak tree branch (above the trampoline) onto my trampoline.  He lands....and realizes there's some bounce when he jumps.  So the squirrel proceeds to bounce up and down on my trampoline.  What the hell?  He (yep...he....I can tell, because you know....oh nevermind, take my word for it...it was a he) got bored after about a minute and then jumped off onto the ground, grabbed a piece of bread - because I fed my squirrels - and hopped back on the trampoline.  This went on for about 5 minutes before he decided to go in search of another squirrel to annoy.  Me.....I'm thinking 'why does the weird stuff always happen at my house?  Am I a freak magnet or something?'    

I'm thinking to myself that this is a primo episode to follow along with the There's A Cow in The Road' childrens' book...."There's a squirrel on my trampoline....and it sure if a shock....to see him there at 1 o'clock...."  No?     

In other fun stuff......(because you know you loved my squirrel story and are dying for more anecdotes from me....)....my chest muscle is KILLING me.  If I am immune to Vicodin, I will march in there and demand a morphine drip, for the love of Pete!  Last night....sucked.  Usually, I take a Vicodin at night....because I try to suck it up during the day by keeping myself occupied, therefore I don't think about if I'm uncomfortable or not (unless it gets REALLY uncomfortable, where I actually can't block it out, but anyway...).  So, last night, I am feeling it.  My chest feels like the muscle is ripping.  Anyone who's run track knows that ripping burning feeling.  I used to run track....and my calf muscles would be the joyful recipient of that feeling regularly.  (Hey, talk to the coach, not me....) Crimeny...I'm rambling...am I ever going to get to the point of what I"m saying?!!!  umm....ok, gotta read back now, to see what I was saying.....OH!  ok...so my chest muscle was hurting last night....so I took Vicodin.  Nothing.  ::wait::  .................... ::wait::  ................  ::wait::  Nothing.  Hmm.  So, I get up and take a Flexeril.  ::wait::  .... ............ ::wait::  ...........Nothing.  ::sigh::  Finally, I fell asleep, but I think it was 2 AM by then and I didn't think taking a sleeping pill would help me.  (cuz....you know...I like breathing and all those drugs may not have helped my breathing....who knows...I'm not a doctor...I'm just guessing....)  SO.......I woke up today thinking 'ok, today has GOT to be better.'  Ha!  Yeah, right.  still hurts.  I'm thinking maybe it's supposed to get a little worse before it gets better, but geez......enough is enough here!  It's getting old, already!  (like I can just will this away....don't I wish...)  Did I mention my neck is killing me, too?  wah.  wah.  wah.    

Blah blah blah......and then Jesse is supposed to go to see the girl who cut us off to pick up a payment for the damages.  Let's hope she keeps paying, because I don't want to have to do the court deal.   He's gonna go after his therapy... which is perfect timing that it's today, because his shoulder muscle has really been bothering him.  He is having such trouble sleeping lately and has been having a lot of muscle discomfort as well.  We're a pitiful bunch.....    

Last night, I made some barbecued chicken and green beans with bacon.  It was fairly unremarkable, but it was food. I've no idea why my food has been so boring lately.  Maybe because I'm the one cooking it.  I go in spurts.  One week I love cooking, the next week, I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than walk in that kitchen and make something.  blehh...  I live for the day when I have enough money to have my own personal chef.  Let's hope tonights' dinner will be better......  I just never really plan to cook stuff when I go to the grocery store...I just pick up what looks good, and then I have to stand there during the week trying to figure out what I'm going to make.  Maybe I should plan out some menus or something instead of flying by the seat of my pants....something to think about anyway..........


  1. That is too funny!  very cute

  2. My neck and chest are killing me too I'm eyeing that vicodin..but haven't succumbed yet 5 advil is what I'm doing.  Sorry but I hate the squirrels at my house they eat my flowers eat the birds food and dig up my bulbs

  3. I wish I lived closer and I would give you a massage!!!  I hate not beign able to sleep!!!!

  4. ALL SQUIRRELS ARE EVIL!  I'll be sure to post some pics of their damaging effects this Spring/Summer.

    I have a high tolerance to pain killers, nothing seems to work, maybe just a little, but not enough for my liking...I'm thinking morphine drips will be over the counter, before ya know it ;)~

  5. V says:
    I'm thinking morphine drips will be over the counter, before ya know it ;)~

    Amy says:
    I can only hope...LOL


  6. OH I just love squirrels. We drive thru this pretty subdivison that has lots of the nad a creekand trees. Just so i can see them. Im sorry your having such pain. Have you tried a chiropractor?????????? that may help. Have you thought about maybe going to a pain sepcialist. They really can help. It really gets to you when you cant sleep. No wonder your not in the mood for food andmeal fixins. I sure do hope you get back on your feet to total healing. We have not seen a dime of our money yet. the laywer they use is not in his office due to a bus accident his daughter was in. or son not sure. WELL anyway. they are being sluggih about it. WE have not seen a dime yet. the lawyer is sure we will. one lump sum soon. WEll anyway.............   IHOPE to get htis all settled and done with. I want it out of my hair. Hope your hunny gets well soon. By the way  I do the same thing. I go to thestore pick up what looks good an then all week starnd at the fridge trying to figure out what to fix. I did plan menues for a whle. it was nice but takes time.

  7. Hope you feel better soon! You took Vicodin and Flexeril and still didn't sleep?? I took a Flexeril this morning and slept for 7 hours straight!!
    The trampoline jumping squirrel story is hilarious!!

  8. At least that squirrel will keep you smiling.

  9. ROFL!!  The squirrel jumping on the trampoline is a classic!  If you could have gotten a shot of him in mid air it would have been even more hilarious!

    That sucks that you guys are still hurting--and it is even worse when the pain killers stop working!  I hope the girl does continue paying everything, cause court would be some ordeal.

    I hope you and Jesse start to feel better soon!


  10. Oh--great idea for a kids' book!  How fun is a squirrel on a trampoline?  I don't know the story about the cow in the road, but I certainly do remember "'There are rock in my socks,' said the ox to the fox."  And the old woman who swallowed the fly?  At least the squirrel story wouldn't be as morbid as that one!

    I hope you feel better tonight and get some good sleep.

  11. OMG AMY!!! I'm ROFLMAO! kamikaze squirrel...hehehe  I can see it in that lil boogers eyes though! He's quite the dare devil!! Thats a great idea for a book :o)

    Hope your chest and neck feel better soon, I bet it's getting very annoying chic :o(
    Dinner sounded great! Whatcha makin' tomorrow...I may have to join ya...hehe
    I'll talk to you later and "fill you in" on all the drama.

    Love & Hugs!

  12. silly squirrel!  great photo of the little guy!


  13. we had an advert on the telly where a squirrel used to do some assault course, it was funny and your journal reminded me of it. Lovely pics of him..........Jules xxxxxxhttp://journals.aol.co.uk/jules19642001/Itsmylife/

  14. We have evil squirrel at my house.  He got onto our screened-in deck before our move to Colorado.  My cat, Topanga, was having a conniption fit to get out and get it, as it kept jumping into the screen.  I went out the other door, so I could go out and show the squirrel where the hole in the screen was, so it could escape from the deck and the cat.  I figured if I went toward the squirrel, it would automatically go the other way, which it did, and did eventually find its way back to the very tall pine tree nearby, chattering at me like it was angry with me the whole time.  I said, "Okay, you evil squirrel, next time you can be kitty food!!!!"

    Brandon and Jess went to Six Flags over Georgia one weekend and he said evil squirrel had followed him and was throwing acorns at him.

    On yet another occasion, Brandon and Jess were painting the half-bath in the master bedroom, and one of evil squirrels relatives stuck his head out and scared Brandon half to death after he removed the mirror over the sink in the bathroom to paint.  His cat, Simba, chased that squirrel around the house for several days before finally catching the evil squirrels relative that tried to scare my son to death.



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