Thursday, March 10, 2005



Jesse called me today, telling me he had read my journal, but that it had been a few days since my last entry and if I didn't put another one in, someone was going to think I'd off'd myself after the previous entry.  LOL   

Well...I haven't...obviously...  

Today's entry will be MUCH better, because................  

the pain in my knee has subsided considerably.   

.....of course, Jesse yelling at me to plant my butt in the computer chair and not move/walk all day had something to do with it getting better.    I'll take those kind of orders any day!   

It still hurts a bit, but nothing compared to a few days ago.  I should mention, though, that it was doing ALOT better til Jesse kicked me in his sleep.    He's lucky I didn't have something on my nightstand to hit him back with.   

My mental/emotional state has improved considerably, too.  Maybe I just needed a pity party and a good cry.  (Thanks for lending me your shirt, Jesse...)  At any rate, you all cannot even grasp how much I appreciated each and every comment and words of support.  I'd hug each and every one of you if I could. 

I still haven't been able to sleep easily, but Jesse says I need to wake my hiney up a little earlier and that'd fix that.  (umm, no thank you....LOL) 

Gayla, I'm noting your comment - because I'd never heard of Vicoprofin.  Sounds like some goooooood stuff!    I talked to the doctor, who said I may just want to take plain old Advil for my discomfort.  Advil?  ADVIL?!  Oh come ON, Doc...give me the GOOD narcotics!!!  ROFL  Oh well.  fine! 

We won't be talking about my chest muscle in this entry......cuz that...doesn't feel so wonderful....eeuchh.... 

Anyway......just me - - checkin' in....  Xs 'n Os to all of you in J-Land 

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  1. aol alerts screwing up again:(
    Im glad  your feeling a little better


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