Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Weekend Assignment


John's Weekend Assignment #52: Congratulations! Hollywood is making a movie of your life, and you get to choose any actor you want to play you -- yes, even if they're dead (the things they can do with special effects!) Who do you choose and why?

Extra credit: Name the musician/band who will play the theme song to the movie.

  I'm choosing Lauren Graham - of the WB's Gilmore Girls.  We do have a similar look, but the main reason is that she can play the quick wit like nobodys business.  This is the person most likely to be my long lost sister.  

The musician playing my theme's definitely Phil Vassar.  Just Another Day in Paradise.  Tell me we can't all relate to that!  (although thinking more about it, I'd actually like to have something a little more haunting.....some Sarah Maclaughan or The Sundays.....)


  1. hahaha tooo funny!! I love that song by Phil Vassar!


  2. Im choosing julia roberts , she has a great sence of humor and a beautiful smile. for theme song... josh grogen

  3. I would want to have Brooke from Bold the beautiful (Katherine Kelly lang who was the beach babe in all most all the beach boys videos) and the band............... Ummmmmmmm I thing right now foutians of wayne for stacys mom or I kind of feel bowling for soup wtih 1985 becuase I kind of had left my life way back in 1980. So yeah tht song says alot.

  4. I love the show Gilmore Girls.   It's one of those shows you have to hear everyword...and it's worth it.  Good choice of actresses.  

  5. I won't play in my J, but I will in your comments...

    Marissa (sp?) Tomei

    Coldplay~High Speed.


  6. That is one of my FAVORITE songs! We don't have kids, we have furbabies... but, except for that it fits us <LOL>

  7. Love Gilmore Girls.  Great music choice too.  Mrs. L

  8. Yeah the gilmore girls are great.. I think she would play you well.. great song! :) Mel

  9. Gilmore girls are my favorite.................


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