Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Well, DUH!

Well, folks, comedy is BACK at my house.  Somebody needs to be blamed for it, so.....ohhhhhhh...let's blame............JESSE!  Yeah, he's a willing idiot.  I mean...victim....err...person.  This is one of those things where you flashback to Mad About You where Paul Reiser is looking at Helen Hunt with his arms out and this 'WTH?!' expression on his face. 

I was feeling T-I-R-E-D last night and there was no way in Hades that I was cooking.  Jesse was doing some overtime so I beeped him to pick up some pizza.  He calls me back asking if I can call it in because he's leaving now, so by the time he gets to the pizza place, it'll be ready.  Y'all know me and phones.  BUT...yeah, sure whatever.  I ask him where he wants to get pizza from.  Hungry Howie's, he says.  1 sausage and 2 pepperonis.  The conversation ends.  I wait 10 minutes because I know traffic is bad since 5 people have tried to zoom down my dead end street looking for a faster way out.  ( note:  these people are driving and yet they can't read the 3 Dead End - No Exit signs on the way down the street.  Nice.)  Then I call Hungry Howie's and put in the order to be picked up.  No prob, the guy says....20 minutes - $20.00.  Cool deal, says I.  I go about my business of setting the table and folding some laundry.  Ryan plops down at the computer...the boys are playing Uno......and we're waiting for Jesse to get home.  and waiting.  and waiting.  FINALLY, Jesse pulls in...and he gets out the pizza and coke...and he's giving me this LOOK.  Me...I don't care...I"m like 'gimme the pizza....we're freakin' hungry...what took you so long?!?!?!'  he's still looking at me.  He doesn't say much.  We sit down and we start eating.....and I look at him and say 'So, um...Jesse?'  He says 'What?'  I say "Was the pizza ready and waiting for you when you got there?'  He says 'No!!  They said you never called it in!!  I thought you would at least call it in...I know how you hate phones, but it's just pizza!!!' I said 'Go ahead and take a drink and swallow.....'  He does and looks at me.  I take a breath...and look at him...and say............"The reason the pizza was not hot,ready and waiting for you.......you dumb ass......is because you wentto Little Cesears and got pizza after I called in an order at Hungry Howie's." 


(Ryan is trying not to bust out laughing.  The child is shaking and trying to swallow her pizza so she doesn't choke....lol)  Jesse looks at the pizza box.  He looks at me.  I'm trying to look as haughty as I can.  ::giggle::  He says 'um.  so.  um.  I guess I should go call Hungry Howie's and cancel that order then,  huh?!'  HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA............... He cancels it and comes back and starts laughing and says 'I was all mad at you because I had to sit there and wait for them to make the pizza...and I was thinking geez...can't even call in a pizza order...that's just...ugh.....grumble mumble etc...and there I was at the wrong place......but didn't I tell you which one?'  I said 'Yep, you did...you said the one by the grocery store......which is the one I called.....'  ::Amy smirks::  He giggles and looks at me.  I say "WELL?!?!?!?!"  (hahahahahahahahahaha)  He laughs. "Ok....Ok......I'm sorry!"  HA!  Dog on me, will ya....I don't THINK so!  ROFLMAO So, that was our amusement for the evening.


what else....  oh, yeah!  In the comment section of the last entry (I think), Michele  had asked what Barbacoa  tacos are, because we had them for dinner a night or two ago.  Now.  First, I'm saying this is one of those 'Are you sure you want to know?' type things.  That being said....I'll tell you anyway.  My family is Mexican (well, I'm Irish/English/Norweigan, but I've been in the family so long, they tell me I'm Mexican by osmosis).  We eat weird stuff.  The in laws are actually from Mexico, though....you know....street vendors and all where you're not sure if you should eat the food, but you can't help it cuz the smells are killing you?  OK, so anyway.....  that being said.....TYPICAL barbacoa tacos are made from......cow head.  They slow roast the cow head until it's falling apart and shred the meat and put it in warm fabulous corn tortillas.  I LOVE this stuff.  (My rule in going to Mexico is don't ask what it is..just eat it.  It hasn't killed anybody else, it probably won't kill me.)  Now, here in the states, they can't sell cow head anymore.  Something about new regulations or some crap.  They used to sell them until about 7 years ago, and in some meat markets you can get them, but they're not easy to find, and then really....who wants to cook a cow head.  ick.  I was lamenting over this fact to my father in law one day - because we are from San Antonio, where it's no big deal to get up on Saturday morning and head over to the closest restaurant and pick up a pound of already shredded meat.  He says to me that I should just go to the supermarket and ask the butcher for a neck roast.  (Beef) ..and if I put that in the oven slow roasted (like overnight) it'd taste the same.  Me?  MAKE IT?!  I was doubtful, but I made it anyway and he was right.  It was fab.  So, after a few years of making it like that, I got lazy and put it in the crockpot.  Guess what.  It came out awesome there, too!  The only thing I had to do at the end was put it in a pot and stick it under the broiler to pull out the excess moisture and brown it a little.  It's killer!  The recipe, if you're so inclined, is pretty easy.  A neck roast that'll fit in your crockpot, a bay leaf, 1/2 tsp of cumin, minced garlic (about 2 tbsp), salt, andpepper.  (and maybe a lil water initially so it doesn't stick) ...and let 'er go all day.  Come the end of the day, shred it up, throw it in the oven under the broiler fora few and there you go.  I usually pick a roast with a lot offat, because .....fat's the best part.  :)  So, there's Amy's gourmet cooking lesson for the week.  I wish I was having that for dinner again, but neck roasts are something you have to ask for, and it's hard to find a butcher who isn't hiding out in the back hoping nobody asks for any specialty stuff.  .........and I eat them, of course, on a warm corn tortilla with some chopped onion and cilantro.  That's usually ALL we eat when we have it - no side dishes....cuz the tacos are so good, nobody eats the sides anyway..... 


In other stuff...today is GORGEOUS!  I wish it was like this all the time.  The only downer here is that these temps are so amazing now, but in about a month, we're all going to be getting heat rash from just sticking our noses out the door.  I had to run the A/C last night, actually.  Even the dog came and looked at me with his tongue hanging out like 'Come ON, Mom...cut us a break and turn it ON!'  I'd like to hit the Depot some time soon and get some prettys to put around the front area.....                        

Anyway, that's enough yapping out of me for the time being..... crimeny, this was a long entry....   I'm sure I'll be back later, though.....hee hee.....

Oh yeah....King Ranch Chicken tonight for dinner....who's comin'?    I promise - it really IS chicken....LOL


  1. Ahh, Amy....I love your long entries.  Poor Jesse!  How long will it take for him to live that down?  LOL!  I'd be making entries myself, except my %@$! computer died again (I'd only had it back for what, a week? since the last time!) and I haven't checked to see if I can get to it through this AOL.com thingie.  'Adventures of a Mom Gone Mad' is on enforced hiatus.  ::cries, whines, bitches, throws things, etc::  

  2. Poor jesse...NOT!!!  I swear, he must be related to my hubby!!!!  tooo funny!!!!  and those tacos sounds soooo good. and i know what you mean about not asking what you are eating!  When I was stationed int he Philippines, I ate some very yummy stuff and then found out what it was!  

  3. OH man we had a similar LJS experience well it was funny thats all just not the wrong place. it was the wrong food LOL I shoudl share it. LOL WEll that was funny about the pizza. almost had an argument and did not need to . It was jsust simple everyday human error. MY parents would have had a major blow out over that. Its good to laugh about it all.

    Well we are having encheladas tonight But Im cheating the lazy way LOL its a can sauce. I dont make my owns sauces. LOL
    OH I wish we were not having these stinking forties and rain all week. Can I come live with you please. I want flowers but it got down the 30 last night and Im feard. they may die. I looked back at last year and yes IM right spring is late. ONE thing about journals the pics in them do not lie!!!!!!!!!! my lilac bush is not as leafy as last year.

  4. LmAO  So how was the pizza...lol

  5. The pizza deal was tooooo funny!!
    I would have probably choked on my pizza had I been Ryan.
    ps....I am glad someone had pretty weather, it is cold and rainy here in SC

  6. ROFLMBO!  That is great!  Kevin and I have taken turns with bone-headed moves like this, so I can't rib him too much about it.  I, too, want spring.  It friggin' SNOWED today in Missouri.  It didn't stick, but it made the grass white for a while.  I like snow, but I LOVE spring.  Come ON redbud's...I'm ready!

  7. ROTFL!! SO how was the pizza? lol


  8. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lawd have mercy, that cracked me up, Sista! I needed that, too! How'd ya know? LOL!

  9. Honey I just put you on alerts, I don't know why you weren't on, but you are no baby, so let me do some catchin' up!


  10. Don't you love when the guys pull a no-brainer like that?  I live for moments like that!  I have a recipe for Kings Ranch Chicken, I've been dying to try it out... and will actually have the time starting next week when I am officially unemployed... WOOHOO!

  11. Great "got ya!!" story. COW's HEAD?? rich

  12. AMY!!  I shouldn't have asked!!  COW'S HEAD??  Okay, I think I'm alright.  :)
    After I read how you did your own...with a neck roast it sounds good!  I will let you know if I try this.  :)   Your pizza story is the best and Jesse sounds like a good sport.  :)  


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