Monday, March 28, 2005

What the heck is a cascaron -explained

I've gotten quite a few comments and emails asking 'What the heck is a cascaron?!'  It is a confetti filled egg...that is a Mexican tradition at Easter.   

How to make them - pick an egg...any old egg.  Lightly tap the end against the counter to crack it.  After it cracks, you pick/peel off little bits of the egg shell until you have a small hole to shake the egg yolk out.  I do a bunch at a time when we are having breakfast and put them into a bowl to scramble eggs.  Rinse out the egg inside and let them dry.  After they've dried, you can dip them in the dye of your choice and then let them dry again.  After they're dry, fill them with confetti.  We buy it at a party store...or make our own with a hole puncher - although the hole puncher thing can get tedious.  I'm suggesting if you do the hole puncher thing that you have some very bored kids and a lot of junk mail.  Also...I wouldn't suggest metallic confetti.  It hurts, because it scratches.  At any rate, fill up the egg - usually about halfway (or you can fill 'em to the top...either one)  I'm gonna suggest to do the assembly line thing...fill them all up first (store 'em in the empty egg carton) and then...after they're all full, you get tissue paper and cut it the size to cover the hole in the egg.  After you've cut a bunch of squares of tissue paper, you get some regular plain ol' glue.....and I generally dab my finger in the glue and run a thin smear of it around the top of the egg where I'm going to put the tissue paper to cover the hole.  Press the tissue paper to the egg and let it dry. 

You're done! the only thing left to do is whack people over the head with them and let the confetti fly.  One note is.....that in my family, it's tradition to fill one of the eggs with flour.  The person who gets whacked with the flour egg gets a little something special....a chocolate or something .....whatever I've picked up during my Easter shopping fun....  

The pictures - one isthe empty, dyed egg - to get the idea of what the hole looks like.... and the other is the completed egg...tissue paper glued to the top.  

I usually save eggs all year round so we can have alot.....but this year, we didn't, so we just cracked the eggs into a jar and will use them for future we could have egg shells...

I should note, though...that someone will invariably get excited and try to crack a hard boiled egg over your head....not knowing WHY it won't crack until you've got a knot on your head the size of a golf ball.


  1. very cool, thanks for telling everyone!
    I knew what they were, but didn't know how to make them

  2. Thanks so much for sharing!! I will have to try that next year!

    Robyn :)

  3. Cool beans neat idea for Rachaels graduation. I may use this. LOL Lori

  4. Sounds like fun!  Maybe next year, yeah it might happen, just like I said we would do Jello Egg Jigglers this year...

  5. I have heard of these before but NOW I know how to mke them. I think this may be a part of our Easter fun next year. Thanks.
    Great pics from saturday, BTW.

  6. That sounds really, really fun.  If I happen to make it home for Easter next year, that's what I'll be doing with my nephew!


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