Friday, March 18, 2005

Where's Mr. Clean when you need him?


Today, I'm having a full-on spaz about the mess that is my house.  

No, seriously.  

Let's just put aside the whole deal about how I shouldn't be over exerting myself.

   If I don't start to clean, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.  

I'm pulling out the paper shredder, some Hefty bags, and the Lysol.  

Or maybe I should pull out the gasoline and a match?  Hmm.  Nah...then where would I pass out after the Vicodin I know I will need later kicks in.....  

At the very least, maybe I can get the dog nose prints off the front window so as not to embarrass myself totally when people come to visit.  

Today's burning question.  WHY does ONE family need to own 7 phone books?

Jesse will enjoying his 'bitch-free' weekend ~ as I'm PMSy to the 8th degree  (Is that such a thing?) ~ and he's doing Reserve Duty.  Sure, save yourself and throw the kids to the wolves.  Heh...  not really.  The kids weren't annoying me.  It was just other people in this family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  err.  umm..what?  

On the upside, Ryan can relate to the PMS thing and knows how to make me laugh.  Her PMS was last week and we were all scared at various points in the week.  Jesse even made the comment last Saturday morning "wow....we woke up!"  Me, being half asleep and coffee deprived, did not get the joke.  I blankly looked at him until he said "Well, what with Ryan looking homicidal last night, I'm just glad we all woke up and no knives are missing."  Haaaaaaa....funny.  But spare me the jokes until I'm awake, ok?  The audience gives a much better response when they're not trying to snag a few more minutes of sleep.


  1. I hate PMS!!!  nasty nasty stuff!!!! and with of us PMS'ing...yikes!  It can be a scarey thing to be in my family!!!!!

  2. AUNT FLO Came WEdnesday. AND SHES  REAL BEEEEEWITCH THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!! YUP the next day the boywho hit the girls dad came. Rachaels aunt flo came Sat. the day shehad her big test at CNA class. Yeah why does she come when I m remodelding and I got stuff going on. WELL I hate nose prints on the door and I got em onmy windows and everything But I dont give a frigging graggin crap about her seeing them. Wanna hear about a hubby throwing his dogs to the wolves.............. Mine did YUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read this...........
    You see what  coward my hubby was sneaking out and he did not have rserves as an excuse LOL Mine is late today and Ilke to have a nice dinner on the Sabbath nights. MAN not a good time to be late MR!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ihope you find a bottle of Jack and cherry coke and take a good hot bath . It helps me. OR rather it helps my family LOL Lori

  3. i know the feeling about knowing the house needs to be cleaned but on the other hand u still arent feeling good enough to do it all...i have thought long and hard about how i wish i could afford to have someone come and help me clean...just 1 or 2 times a month for a couple of hours...that really cant be that much can it? as for phone books...I HATE THEM!! i dont even use them anymore...i have yahoo yellow pages right on my link bar and use it ALL the time...and it takes far less space than that huge phone book! i say we ban phone books!! hope that u are feeling much better and have a great weekend...


  4. I love your journal!
    I saw your link in someone else's journal and thought that I would stop by. I am a member of the tag lounge as well, and I am adding you to my alerts and will be back to visit!!

  5. I was last week...this week its the hubby...hmmm maybe its his dental surgery. After all the dog did jump up and hit him in the mouth...ouch

  6. Mr Clean was at my house last night! ha ha ha.. I went on a mad crazy cleaning binge with him in hand.. Had to take advantage of a decent feeling evening.. so.. I'll now send him your way,ok? :) Mel

  7. Ack...I have a friend visiting in a week, and I haven't done any serious cleaning since my parents came in October.  I will definitely be feeling your pain this weekend.

    And I don't have PMS, but James accused me of being "hyper-sensitive" today.  And that's my problem how?  Just kidding...sort of.  ;-)

  8. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! <I think> Maybe I should laugh TOO loud. You know where I live! :) Don't over do it, Missy! I am still looking for an excse to come dig up that pile of dirt in your back yard. <evil laugh>


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