Thursday, April 28, 2005

Alex's Confirmation

Alex's Confirmation was last night.  130 people getting confirmed.  That's alot.  Add Mass to that and we were there at church for over two hours.  (I think we had dinner at 10ish)  Even though it was long...and really, we're Catholic....we knowwwwww it's gonna take a long time.....especially when one particular priest talks, because he's nice and funny, but the man is long winded.  Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised that our bishop drove in to do last nights confirming.  He is SUCH a sweet, funny man.  In his opening comments, he was saying how he was so proud of all of the confirmants and to not feel nervous because todays' confirmation was not like it was when he was a kid...and he told a story about when he had gotten his confirmation.  He was sitting there as his bishop was sternly talking to them...everyone was very intimidated by that bishop.  The bishop was saying how it was a very serious thing to be confirmed, etc..and then started to ask questions.  Nobody volunteered an answer (well, would you wanna be grilled?  me neither).  He asked again...nobody volunteered.  So, he pointed at this young girl.  The girl was a little slow mentally and had a cleft palate, so her speech was somewhat indistinguishable...and he asked her 'What is the Trinity?!'  She said " 'ather, 'on, 'oly 'pirit! "  The bishop said "WHAT?!  I can't understand you!"  So again, she said " 'ather, 'on, 'oly 'pirit! "  and again, the bishop thundered "WHAT?!  I can't understand!!"  and she looked at him (imagine this young girl intimidated by this loud bishop....) and said " Not 'upposed to....It's a mystery...."  Hahahahahahahahhahaha..... and that shut the bishop up with no more questions.  LMAO end of story.  So with that, OUR bishop said that there was not going to be any questioning....and that he was overjoyed to see so many confirmande.   

So anyway, we watched all 130 people, including Alex - who many of you know is mentally we were a little concerned that he might not say what he was supposed to say at the appropriate time....buthe did SOAMAZINGLY WELL......when he went in front of the bishop, my eyes started to water because I just felt so proud of him....looking at him as this grown up young man instead of my little boy.  The bishop chatted with him for a minute about his chosen patron and did the Chrism, and shook his hand and then he went and sat down.  Alex's sponsor...was his teacher for the Special Education/Religious Education.  Alex is about 5'11.  Alex's teacher is all of 5'.  hee was kinda funny seeing Alex walking up there and saying 'Hey...where's Ms. Vicky?!'  LOL  

But.....BY FAR....the most touching moment (and as I write this, I'm again getting tears in my eyes...) was the Confirmation of Alex's classmate, Ashley.  Ashley has CP.  However, she is one of the most charming kids I know.  Her smile lights up a room.  She had been very excited to get Confirmed.  I really think it was her excitement that made up the priests' mind that she and Alex were ready for Confirmation.  So anyway, Ashley's sponsor (also her aunt) pushed her wheelchair up to the bishop; he looked down at her with a soft sweet expression....kneeled before her.....held her hand....did the Chrism...(she was all smiles...) and then hugged her.  That was one of the most beautiful thing I know I will ever see in my life....this holy dignified man...kneeling down to a child knowing that she was a reason for him doing the job he does.  I don't think I can even express the beauty of the moment by typing it.  I will never forget it....  

So, after everyone was Confirmed, we had Mass, and then did the picture taking thing.  By then it was late, so we hit Burger King....and came home.  

It was a fabulous night........


  1. awww...I have tears in my eyes!!!  You should be so proud!!!  and for us non-Catholics...what is the Chism?

  2. Wow, Amy!!!  That entry made me cry reading about how Alex is mentally delayed and yet did so well.  You made me feel as if I was there.  I am so happy for you and that Alex did so well.  The entry about the little girl with CP really made me cry.  I have a nephew who has cystic fibrosis.  He is about to turn 14 (June 8th).  They have come a long way with CF research.  Kids used to not live past the age of 11.  The oldest CF patient now is in his 30's!!!!!  Oh, the miracles of modern medicine!!!!

  3. how moving! Congratulations and many blessing Alex!!

  4. wow that is awsome CONGRADULATIONS ALEX!!!!!!!!!!! GO ALEX GO ALEX GO ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!  I love it when people who are in an authority position take time to humble themselves that is what it all about. God woudl have it that way.

  5. I'm so happy for Alex and Ashley and all the kids.. I just feel bad about that little girl having to repeat herself .. over and over and then to still have the bishop not have a clue that uhhh maybe she had an impairment.. duh..
    Glad to hear you all had a nice time! My best wishes and congrats sent Alex's way! :) Mel

  6. Congrats to Alex!

  7. this was an awesome entry...a great BIG CONGRATULATIONS to alex :-)


  8. how wonderful!! and G-d bless fast food sometimes, huh??

    Robyn :)

  9. ((Amy)) I have tears in my eyes just reading of Ashley. This sounded like it was a very magical and emotional night for everyone!


    HUgs & Blessings,

  10. Love that line... not supposed to it's a mystery!!  I'm rolling on the floor here!!  Very cute!  That is wonderful that Alex got confirmed!!  I love Catholic Mass even though I'm not Catholic... I think it is always beautiful and holy and wonderful and everything good to be in a Catholic church with all of the lovely windows.  


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