Wednesday, April 13, 2005



Yeah...that picture with the slightly deranged look works for this entry.....  

So....where was I......oh yeah.....    

"Come to mama, honey!"  ::ahem::  You all probably think I'm nuts, but.......the doctor gave me another month and a half of Vicodin.    I knew I loved that guy.  hahahahahahaha.....the chest pain is still there, although it IS getting better.  I didn't take any Vicodin the other day to see how I would feel and if it was really helping as much as I thought....and my experiment conclusion was......NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!  It actually feels like I've got severe windburn - only inside.  I'm kinda o.k. during the day, but I gotta take it at night (before bed) otherwise I wake up in a world of hurt.  We shall not speak of the knee in this entry though.   

   Oh!  I must share.  *I* FULL 12 hours of sleep last night.  Jesse got up at 2 and 6 with Gordo so I could sleep.  It may have had something to do with the fact that I laid my head down at the dinner table and almost started crying over my lack of sleep....or maybe I just looked THAT BAD.  Eh.  Who cares.  I got sleep.    

I was talking with Jesse last night.....cuz we had both taken our respective meds and gone to bed earlier than usual.....and I was laying there thinking...til finally I said 'This sucks...'  He said 'What sucks?'  and so I let it out.....all wavering voice and teary eyes....I said "This sucks.  I know the girl who cause the accident is sorry.  I believe that she is.  You'd have to be a complete hard ass not to be sorry...but she has no idea what she's done....what she's taken away.....and I do try to be grateful every day for the second chance I was given, but sometimes the reality is...I can't walk right, I can't go up stairs, I can't even clean right, I probably won't be able to dance because of this stupid knee, I'm so tired of the drain from being in pain constantly, I can't......yada yada" and he said "I know,'s always worse for the ones who got hit as opposed to the other person....I'm sorry that so much of what you used to be able to do has been taken away, and I'm sorry that you didn't really know how to appreciate those things until it was too late..."  ::sigh::  Believe me when I say I know I have it better than some people.  I know it could be worse.  But,'s the 'right now' that sucks.  (Is this why so many accident victims go on to a life of therapists and antidepressants?)  Sooo......I just fell asleep...cuddling my puppy....who doesn't care about anything other than if he can jump up on my bed or not.     

(Gee, this just became a 'fun' entry, didn't it?!  ::people glance around at each other in uncomfortable silence::  Heh...)    

Humm.....what else.  Leftovers tonight for dinner because we have CCD classes for Alex.  He's getting ready for Confirmation this month.  We were surprised that they were going to let him receive it this soon, but I was glad they were going to before we moved, because transferring to another CCD class - a special needs one at that - would be a pain in the hiney.  So, Alex and another girl in his class, Ashley, will be getting Confirmed.  Ryan still isn't confirmed - and that's up to her if she wants to be.  I'm a very low pressure kindo' that I don't push religion on 'em.  In due time, I say....    

Jesse wants to bring Gordo to see if he'll do well with his new leash.  I got him the harness that goes around his chest instead of a regular collar.  His neck is still a little swollen from the ant bites, so I don't want to put a collar on him until he's all better.... He's been a good boy, lately.  Not that much 'biting' since we found out when they bite, you're supposed to yelp like a momma dog would.  It was HILARIOUS the first time I did it, too.  We were all laying on the couches in the living room with Gordo in my lap biting and squirming on me...and I yelped.....and he stopped and his head went up with this surprised expression...and then he laid down like the most pitiful dog on the face of the earth.  LMAO......we couldn't stop laughing...  So.  I guess that works.       

Anyhooo....I think I'm rambling, so I'll toddle off...... it's about time to feed the ranks so we can be on time to class. 


  1. AH thanks for the info on dogs biting Honey does this playfully. we squirt waterin her face it helps but dont have that handy always. By the way that woman looks like . AUNT FLO came. So I guess uncle jack will come tonight. !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I feel for you...the pain and struggle to get back going again.  Frustrating!!  I hope this gets better.....and soon!!    Take Care!!

  3. Ha ha, dogs are so funny!  Wonder if that would work on cats...somehow I don't think hissing and slapping would phase Buster one bit.

    Glad to hear your doctor's taking good care of you.  Don't worry, in your condition you're entitled to bouts of sel-pity.  I'm sure it'll get easier to look on the bright side as you heal physically.

  4. We did the yelping thing with Morgan when she was smaller... it WORKS... but, you have to keep at it, and get everyone to do it for it to be effective. Morgan was (and is) a little of a hard case because she is a herding dog. And Corgis nip at the heels of the cattle or sheep to move them, and sometimes she still tries to herd us. For instance when it is time to go for a walk she will sometimes try to 'hurry' us up by herding us towards the door, even though she knows she's not supposed to...<shaking head>

  5. Pass me some vicodin?? lol! I have to go to the Dr.. my neck always gets sore, my back always hurts...i do a lot of walking/heavy lifting at my job, and it's beating me down. I also think it might have something to do with the time I fell down a whole flight of stairs, or maybe the time I got rear ended...hhhmmm..?? all i know is, mamma can use some percocet or something.. hope you feel better :)

    Robyn :)

  6. P.S.  Will be praying for you.

  7. I can relate.  Been taking vicodin lately myself.  Thought I had a pulled muscle, but beginning to believe it may be a pinched nerve and/or a tear in my shoulder.  If it is not better by Monday, going to make an appointment with my chiropractor.  He is WONDERFUL!!!!!

  8. i would really love to hear that momma dog

  9. hope the aches and pains are soon sorted and hope you get on your feet again real soon..........Jules xxxxxx

  10. Ramble away, that's what this is all about. rich

  11. I know exactly how you feel hon! (check your email I sent some pics of my bum knee) I was alergic to Vicodin too, they made me itch like a mad woman!  but took them anyway because the pain without being on them was too unbearable.
    I don't push relgion on my kids either...when they are ready they will let you know....
    Love the yelp thing! That is too cool.... he's an adorable pup!
    Love & Hugs,


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