Sunday, April 10, 2005

::blink blink::


 Good.  God.  I.  Am.  Tired.    

Whose idea was it to get a puppy?!  ::Amy puts hands on her hips::  OK....I was mine, but still.     

 I had forgotten all that 'puppy fun'.  The good thing, though, is that I had already been thru puppy madness with Paco (and we got him at 4 months......ohhh look at how long puppyhood lasts.....), so I was able to know what needed to be put out of harm's way.  Jesse came home and said 'What the'll clean the house for the dog better than you do for me?!'  to which I replied 'Yeah...well, you don't eat my shoes.'  "Point taken" he said.  LOL  I'd been doing all puppy duties myself because Jesse was doing Reserves this weekend, but then I must have looked wasted or pitiful or something, because Ryan volunteered to get up at 3 to play with Gordo so he would get tired and go back to sleep.  She's usually still up then anyway, so I took her up on it.  He's learned not to play bite at me (man, puppies have sharp teeth!!), so he would bite at Ryan, and then run over and lay next to me with his head on my shoulder trying to look all angelic when she yelled 'Ow!'  Haaaaa...he knows who to con.  Although, the boys - while they think Gordo is cute - are not amused by the biting thing.  Alex told me that puppy needed to go back to his other house.  Ummmmm.  No?      

In other fun chest muscle has been hurting.  I guess it's because I've been having to do more physical stuff with the new puppy, but's a good thing he makes me laugh - otherwise I would be crying.  And......I'm almost out of Vicodin.  Yeah, you bet your <insert substitute word for donkey here> that I will be calling Cute Doctor to get something more or something new.  ohhh...and before I forget.  The puppy grabbed at the tablecloth over the nightstand, so me laying there thinking it wouldn't be good for the lamp and everything to crash on the floor......lunged up and got it.....but how did I lunge, you ask?  Oh....on the bad knee.  STUPID STUPID AMY!!!!  Mother of everything holy...I saw stars.  I called Ryan to deal with the rest of that while I sat there thinking I was going to throw up from the pain.  ugh.     

Ryan says 'No puppies for me.  When I have my own pets, I'm getting two old dogs."  LMAO  At this point, I'm agreeing with her. 


  1. Mandy was MUCH improved by age six months.  Now, at about nine months, she's the most laid-back, loving dog you could hope for.

  2. LOL so glad we are out of the puppy stage!!!!! You poor thing!!!

  3. Love your sense of humor with your husband.  Funny!  Hope it's fun with your darling puppy ~ Gordo.  

  4. Ah, if only I'd read this entry, gotten this dose of reality, BEFORE I went to Kitty Cottage today...

  5. Geez, U  O.K., woman??? next time, just buy another! You poor thing..that must have hurt like all heck!!  ::::sending you an ice pack or 2:::::
    Robyn :)

  6. AH Yes NOW being on dog # four . Yup we have four dogs. Honey is a puppy non stop. Man can she wear us out I mean some well they can grwo up at one year. she it sill at supper puppy phase. Yes got to get everythihng out of the way. Ntohing is safe. I m so sorry your hurting again. My daughters faked hurting a bit longer to get to go to cute physical therapist two years ago. It got them on eor two more visits LOL Man I bet your worn out.

  7. Oooohhhh Amy!  I can relate about the chest muscle hurting.  I am so sorry you are still in such pain.  I have had a pulled muscle for about the last week and have been taking Vicodin as well.  Only have one left.  And STILL unpacking, so it has surely been a slow go.  Worked out in yard yesterday.  We hauled off a bunch of junk.  Funny how fast that kind of stuff accumulates!!!  Much more to go!!!

    Could not sleep at night, it hurt so bad.  Funny how pain radiates in different places.  Most of the time, feels like a knife going in under my shoulder blade, but then my shoulder hurts, or my elbow, or my neck.  Be praying for you to recuperate REAL soon!!!!  I would have just bought another lamp too, unless it was antique or somethin', lol!!!!!


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