Sunday, April 10, 2005

More interviews

I know I've been shirking my interrogator duties, so here are two for Becky and one for Laura.  I think (as per rules of the game) , that I have one more interview to conduct, so I'll be going back and checking.  To my next victim...err.....interviewee....I promise to be nice!  Really!     

Becky's ( MUMMA4EVR) Interview  

1.  You're testing to be a massage therapist.  Does the thought cross your mind that sometime in your career, you're going to have to touch somebody you really don't want to touch?  

2.  You're an adoptive mom.  (That ROCKS!)  What is one major high point and low point in the adoption process?  

3.  Have you given recent thought to building a boat ?  

4.  You're an adventuresome cook.  What's one dish that flopped miserably?  Feel free to elaborate.   

5.  You seem to embrace getting older.  How come?  

and for Laura.....   Laura's (nicurnmama) Interview  

1.  You'redigging 'foxy mom' status.  Do your girls ever get jealousand tell you that you may be 'too old' for something?  If so, do you poke them with a stick?  

2.  Why a nurse?  and a NICU nurse at that?  

3.  I love your big family.  Any more kids for you on the horizon?   

4.  What keeps you going every day?  (whatever it is, I need to get some o' that!)  

5.  What do you REALLY want to say when a specialist ignores your advice (regarding your kids) and then has to realize that you may be....::gasp::  right?    (curse words allowed)



  1. I answered  my questions!!!!  LOL

  2. fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!!
    Thanks, Amy!

  3. o.k.. o.k.. Interview me!!!  ;)  

    Robyn :)


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