Thursday, April 21, 2005

News Snippet


Based on a 90-hour work week, has estimated that a fair wage for the typical stay-at-home mom would be well over $90,000 for executing all of her daily tasks. Factor in overtime, and the appropriate salary takes a leap of around $25,000.

Even if these mothers were getting paid what they'd be worth on the market, Bottos added that they still wouldn't be adequately compensated. "When you take into account that it represents a 90-hour workweek, and doesn't even begin to factor in that they are on call 24 hours a day, it's not so large. Plus, stay-at-home moms get no benefits in terms of pension or 401(k)."


::Amy holds out her hand waiting for THAT chunk o' change::


  1. Ah I went to a web site that one time figured out that I was worth 165,000 bucks. that is figuring in teaching. So maybe you need to add that becuase I bet salary .com does not figure you and I also are teachers. Hey while we are at it lets add a few other jobs to that. nurse and administratitor and oh yeah of course accountant. But at anyrate I told todd that he needed to get a second job!!!!!!!!!! and maybe athird!!!!!!!!!

  2. And most think us SAHM don't do anythig and are wasting our lives... Nothing more important than rasing the next generation.

  3. Yea, where's the line start?  I also believe we should get paid to journal...I'm working on that.

  4. Standing with you holding out my hand for that chunk o'change too!!!! :)

  5. I could handle that!  :)

  6. I agree with Hunybea4him:  There is NOTHING more important than raising our next generation.

  7. Ummm.....yeah....where's my check?! hehe Wouldn't that be nice!?

  8. Considering I'm helping to raise a 3 year old can I be tossed into the stay at home mom catogory?  I mean I'm not the mom but I'm doing the work of a mom.  Does that count?! -Dawn-


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