Sunday, April 3, 2005

Playing Catch-Up

  I know.  I haven't updated since Thursday.  First, all of my parts are in semi normal working order.     

So....where was I....Friday.  ugh...Friday.  I felt SO icky.  I wanted to crawl under a rock.  It was a day of deserved self pity.  I say deserved, because I try pretty hard to stay upbeat.  I don't want to let myself feel too sad cuz then...eesh....I'd be a sobbing mess, which would scare the children and animals... know...a gal can only do so much, so Friday was my day. 

::whine whine cry cry sob sniff honk sob sniff::

Seriously.  So, of course, Jesse is there patting me and hugging me (after he got home from work) and he said 'Is there anything I can do .....or do you just wanna be held and patted and babied?'  I sniffed and said "I need a birthday weekend..."  He said 'Umm....your birthday already passed, honey...'  I said 'And?'  He looked at me and grinned and said ' I supposed to bake you a cake, too?' and so started my un-birthday weekend.   I should start by saying I love my husband.  This man has the patience of a saint and then some.  I don't know how he can stand me - bless his heart.   This weekend - I didn't cook.  (I made the King Ranch Chicken on Friday, but I had already prepped it.....otherwise he would have taken me out.  Although, nobody likes it but me, so pfft.  )  He took me out to eat.  He took me shopping.  He gave me my drugs before I even thought I might need them.  ('Trust me' he said....after we had spent 3 hours in WalMart walking around with my lame leg....)  He rubbed my neck.  He....err...umm.....::Amy blushes - mental note *skip that*::  uhh....He let me have plenty of computer time.  I could go on and on but somebody is bound to say 'Enough already, we get it.  He's a real prince.' so I'll stop.   

So what did I shop for, you ask.  Um.  What didn't I shop for might be the better question.  WalMart, of course......I went over to the baskets and the flowers and the house accessories....and spent more than I should've.  (and he didn't say A THING!).... and then Sunday, he said 'Hey...didn't you want to go to that Pottery something or other?'  He meant Old Time Pottery - which is pottery, baskets, candles, etc in a warehouse....ohhhh myyyyy goodness........I could LIVE in that store.  No, seriously.   Everything is really reasonable, so I shopped.  I went through EVERY aisle.  I inspected everything.  (It's a drive to get there, so we don't get to go frequently..)  I was a crazed shopping machine.  I felt knee pain and I blocked it out because dammit...I WAS SHOPPING.  Yeah, y'all thought Vicodin made me buzzed and out of my mind......this STORE was giving me the same effect.  LOL  Jesse said 'I don't think I've seen you this happy in days...'  ROFL  I said 'Awwwww....get out of my way...I see candles.'  ROFL obviously, that was after that 3 hour trip through heaven......we decide to go eat.  Why not cruise the main street....and see what sounds good, right?  You know, it seems that our car has this um...gas gauge...and doesn't work right, you know....only WE didn't know that...and umm......suddenly the car got really quiet and Jesse gave it some gas and there was no noise and then Jesse says 'Um....did I just get this car and it's crapping out on me??!?!' and I said 'Um....aren't you out of gas?'  He looks at me and tries to start it, and of course it won't start.....ROFL, so there we are on the shoulder of the road with no gas.  Niiiiiiiice.  Jesse said 'OK, well...lock the doors...I'll be back...and he walked back to the gas station - which was a decent walk, I'll say.......poor baby....he was all trying to do something forme and then he has to WALK to get a gallon of gas?!  I felt so bad....but he said it was no big deal and he was laughing, saying he was relieved it was only gas and not anything, we got some icky McDonalds.....went home.....and I got to put up all of the stuff I I'm still riding that high...  LOL  

So.  Have I yapped enough to make up for skipping a few days?  I'm sure I forgot to mention some other funny things that happened, but those'll have to wait, cuz my Knight In Shining Armor is standing seductively by my side with a bottle of warmed lotion.  Um.  Of course, he's also watching COPS and laughing, but you know......I'll take it. 


  1. Awwwww.... How SWEET is He! Glad you enjoyed your Un-birthday weekend!

  2. domesticatedchicApril 3, 2005 at 9:29 PM

    Aww he sounds sweet! Now if he could give my man some of thoseeee pointers.. I'd be in heaven.. lol* Sounds like you had a good time, glad to hear it.. you needed it! Hope your knee feels better soon!:) Mel

  3. What a guy... he lets you shop!!! wow!! gotta love hubby Hates to go shopping with me..he makes fun of me saying all I do is walk around going.. how cute...oh look at that, and spend spend spend...of course, he is! but then I snap, and say look, this is my down time, o.k.??? give me some slack, and some cash, and get out of my way..hee hee... we HAVE to go shopping together, Amy!!!!

    Robyn :)

  4. HEY AMY you want a little cheese with that WHINE!!!!!!???????? LOL and of course some chocolate too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Makea great meal dont it LOL Yes I had my day sunday!!!!!!!!!!!! OH man I m not  going in to that. But yes you deserve that greatly. NO doubt. !!!!!!!!! WELL anyway Your man sounds like mine. I wrote an entry about me looking for a peticular basket Ihad in mY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!  Not that I had seen. That was for my new cabinet I bought. Well anyway Poor Todd walked back and forth and back again. They had baskets in home and garden in walmart and baskets across the store in housewares and of course in the other corner of the store in crafts!!!!!! your husband sounds like mine. Its okay to bragg!!!!!!!!!! My entry was braggin about our anniversary date. So I had my date night before I went to have mybreak down sunday. We went out to eat Friday and Saturday. Both resturants one itallion and one mexican. LOL hows that for stretching it. !!!!!!!! LOL HEY Girls share pics of your bounty you bought this weekend. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wanna see!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM NOSEY!!!!!!!!!! Yes Sunday I was kind of scarry to the kids and animals and hunny. It was one of those weekends.  You know must be something about homeschool dads that make great husbands LOL UMMMMMMMM I guess it works the other way. But our hubbys seem to be similar. I Lovehearing happy marriages so always share its nice to read.

  5. I don't know why your family doesn't like yor King Ranch  Chicken.  Mine ate it all up,,,and I had doubled the recipe so that I wouldn't have to cook while studying for midterms!    You poor things, running out of gas!!!!

  6. Happy unbirthday!  Sometimes shopping can work wonders.

  7. Hubby sounds alot like mine, patient and understanding, whooped, all the qualities I look for in a slave, I mean a husband...:)  I think I'm gonna steal this Un-Birthday weekend idea from ya!

  8. Your hubby sounds wonderful. I love Old Time Pottery. We have one not too far from my town. The last time I was there, I lucked up and got a huge area rug for 10 bucks! There wasn't anything wrong with it, but it had been used in a display.

  9. One good job!! Glad my wife doesn't read this stuff, I'ld be in trouble!! rich

  10. Your husband is a blessing! I'm glad you have someone like him. I hope you are feeling better.


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