Friday, April 8, 2005

Puppy News

  His name is..........Gordo.  LOL  OK, he may not BE gordo yet...but he will be.  He's a member of my family, so it's a gimme.    

And.....little Gordo has been sucking the life out of me.  *I* went to sleep at 3:45 AM.  Why?  SOMEBODY wanted to play.  Well, I take that back, I couldn't fall asleep in a good sleep...and then the alarm clock rang because I set it for 3AM so I could take him to pee, and then...of course, I woke him up, so I must play with him (or at least, that was his reasoning).  I finally got to sleep at 3:45, and then Jesse's alarm went off at he took the puppy out to pee again, and of course...if you wake him have to play with him to get him tired again.  Little booger.  He knows how to wrap us around his furry little tail...  LOL and then I woke up at 9 and thought 'Oh, forget it....I may as well just get up..'  so here I am.  I'm still in my pajamas, my hair is messy, and I'm tired....but guess where the puppy is.  Yep.  Snoozin' in his kennel.     

We haven't really introduced Paco and Gordo yet.  We've kept the baby gate up and kept them divided since Paco is the dominant dog, we're just going to give him a few days to get used to the fact that this puppy is staying before the 'fun' begins.  He wags his tail at the puppy, but I think he still has his reservations.  Hmm...  

  Gordo's fur is starting to grow back in around his mouth area (where the fire ants got him) but he still looks a little funny.  He gets medicine in his ears twice a day and an antibiotic in a blob o' peanut butter.  He's eating.....boy, buddy is he eating.  Paco's food and the cat food had to be relocated because of a certain always-hungry puppy.    

His potty training is coming along GREAT.  He woofs when he has to poop....and he is trying hard to not have accidents.  I wasn't quick enough to take him out after his nap this afternoon and he piddled in the hallway, though.  After I came running, he stopped mid-pee and finished outside.  Yay!  Good dog!     

Um.  OK.....what has happened to me.  I was interesting.  Now I'm bragging about my dog peeing on grass.  Good grief......


  1. AWWWWWWW just like having a baby isnt it. Boy he sure has sucked you in big time LOL I want to see more pics of course. You got your hands full sounds like. Believe me you know I m sure that you get lost in your puppy and being a puppies mommie. LOL

  2. LOL your a mother

  3. awwwwww, he is so cute, dont you just want to hung and kiss him all the time......Jules xxxxxxx

  4. Awe, brag away!  Pee pee stories are's when you take pictures of the act, that it gets a little odd....I never did that ;)

  5. I remember those days!!!  and am so glad they are over.  YOU have just reminded me why I am glad JOJO is an adult!!!!  He loves to sleep between me and Ernie with his butt towards my face.  yuck!!!

  6. Puppies... gotta love em! I miss Morgan being a baby :(  But, on the other hand, I love that we are over all of the baby 'stuff' and I can just enjoy her <g>

  7. I think its cute that you are talking about your dog...nothing wrong with that! I talk about my animals a lot in my journal.
    I, personally, can't wait to read more about Gordo.

  8. LOL, why do they always want to sleep with their butts toward our face?  Love the pics of Gordo!!!  Most of us are animal lovers, so we don't mind you talking about your dog peeing in the grass, lol.  I am just glad we got Mary Jane from the shelter when she was three.  We were way past that stage, lol.  She has had a few accidents in our unfinished basement, but not too many.  It was usually when we had to leave all day or something like that.  I could not leave her in the yard because she is an escape artist.  Animal control had already brought her home twice and said next time it would be a ticket!!!!  Thankfully, living here in the heart of dixie now, and the fact that we live way out in the country outside the city limits, she no longer has to be leashed and she LOVES it!!!!  You can check her out in my animal journal at

  9. Amy...ahhhh a puppy!!!  Love it!!  He is darling.  I love dogs and have 2 older ones.  Isn't it fun to be at the puppy sleep.  :)


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