Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Same old same old


Not so little anymore....  I am talking about .....Gordo.    I say this because last night he came up to me as we were eating dinner and put his paws up on the table like 'Hey Ma...where's my plate?!'  Um.  I think not.   

Then, this morning, Adrian was running around, with the puppy chasing him, and usually, Adrian will jump on the couch and Gordo can't get him.  However..........heh heh...this morning, Gordo was behind him going at top speed...made a flying leap right behind Adrian and wound up on the couch right next to him.  The look on Adrian's face was priceless.  

Pretty soon he'll be able to hop up on my bed instead of woofing at me in the middle of the night to help him up.   

We let Gordo and Paco play together (for the first time) last night.  It went well.  Yeah, I know we've had Gordo for a while now, but the thing is.....Paco is a big dog.  He's also not that lovey towards other dogs.  Sooo...we wanted to give him plenty of time to realize this puppy was part of the pack now.  It was kinda funny to see each of them laying on either side of the baby gate whining for each other, so we said 'ok...maybe it's time...'.  They romped around and generally wore each other out for about an hour, til we separated them again, because Paco was still playing and Gordo was like 'Mom...save me...I gotta save face but I'm tired!' so I picked him up and put him to bed.    He went and flopped on his little bed and he was out.  

Other stuff..........   Ryan is realizing this Mom job is harder than she thought.  Between boys and dogs, she came to me last night and said'I'm sorry if I was ever this much of a pain in the behind....'  ROFL  She has been scraping and painting upstairs,and the boys have been bothering the heck out of her because they want to 'help'.  SHE wants them to go away.  (Wow.....I have never felt that way before!!!  ::cough::)  Lucky for me, though...the days have been nice so I can shoo them outside to burn off some excess energy.  

and......let's see.....Jesse is back to Home Depot, but who knows for how long.  Between regular work, therapy, appointments, Home Depot, and Reserves duty,  I'm lucky I remember what he looks like.   

Wow...it's been a boring past few days.......  then again, considering recent events, boring is good.  My chest is getting better....although I can still feel a twinge here and there.  The knee.....well... a few days back, my knee popped and suddenly...everything felt SO much better.  So, that's doing well, too.  Still taking the Vicodin and some other stuff at night, but I'm thinking I'll just take it til I run out....  

.........the remainder of my day is gonna be devoted to laundry.  How we pile up so much laundry is beyond me.....but I gotta catch up.  The house is a mess....


  1. brings back memories of introducing toby to princess.
    Princess was not happy,she stopped eating for about 4 days.
    now they are like two siblings.

  2. Cute graphic!!    Those little puppies GROW so fast!  He sounds like a sweet puppy.

  3. I am so glad Gordo and Paco got along so well.  Yee Haw!!! :)

    Hope Adrian is feeling better now.  So very glad to know your chest and knee are doing better.  Guess I am going to have to break down soon and go to the Dr. myself.  My joints hurt so bad at night I can hardly sleep.  Growing old sucks!  At the same time, I do try to find the silver lining.  I thank God I still wake up breathing every day!!!! :)


  4. The dogs romping around sound so sweetttt! Must be funny to watch them play.. Glad you are feeling better too!! Great! :) Melaney


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