Thursday, April 21, 2005

<insert witty title here>

Not much to report today....  

Jesse got up with the puppy last night, which gave me an extra 30 minutes of sleep, but even with that, I find myself lacking patience today - mainly because I'm tired.  Wouldn't it be nice to sleep and sleep until you woke up on your own accord?!  I think so, anyway....  

Cheese enchiladas are on the menu for tonight.  It's easy, and for that I am glad.

  Small Fry is still sick - and losing his voice slowly.  I keep telling him not to talk, but that's like telling a dog not to wag his tail.  I keep him full of Motrin though, which is helping the fever part.  I really really hope it's only a little flu and not something like strep.  If there's a strep virus within 3 miles of me, you can bet I'll get it.  And then he's always loving all over Ryan, so Ryan will get it.....and wrestling with Alex, so Alex will get, that would suck.  

.....thinkin' Jesse will be cutting the grass tonight, but I keep seeing rain clouds passing by.   Hopefully it won't rain.....  We are supposed to get the rain tomorrow, but y'all know how 'with it' the forecasters are.  @@   

Let's see...what else... 

Oh!  Gordo knows how to sit!  Yay!  Although he tries to bite at us if we point at him.  Don't know what's up with that.....(maybe his other 'mom' told him pointing was rude?)  He goes for a check up and shots this Saturday.  The lady we adopted him from is paying for the visit, because she wanted us to take him to her vet since that's where he's been seen through his whole puppyhood,'s an hour and a half drive to get there...and the appt is for 8:15 in the morning.  On a Saturday.  Yeah....isn't that peachy.  I'm not sleep deprived enough, don'tcha know.....blehhh  

 Anyhoo....methinks I've shared enough sunshine for the day........


  1. my dream day is to be able t go to sleep at night when i want to and to be able to sleep thru until I want to wake kids , husband or phone waking me, just me deciding it is time to get up!!

  2. Oh my sleep and wakeing when rested and getting up slowly when ready OH yeah. Yes I hope its not strep. Seems like strep shares with everyone in the house. GOOD GORDO give him a pat for me. But man do not know if I woudl drive an hour andhalf to get a free vet bill.  gas is chepaer to stay here and pay for it and my time of course is valuable. I charge $125 an hour since I seem to have ot keep playing lawyer lately this year so far three times!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRR  Well I hope we dont get the snow they forcast for Sat. I got my garden out.

  3. wow! that's a loooong drive! But if she's paying for it....then again with gas prices the way they are you might want to switch vets before his next visit.

  4. Nice of Jesse to get up with the puppy!  Sorry your little one is still sick.  Thought I might do tacos and burritos for supper tonight myself.  We LOVE Mexican.  We have one restaurant we particularly love in these parts called Durango and I particularly love their quesadillas (no idea if I spelled that right).  I KNOW what you mean about lacking in patience, just ask my family, lol!!!!  Cheese enchilladas sound good!  Mmmmmmmmm.  Email me and tell me how you make 'em.  Yay on Gordo learning how to sit.  So sorry you have to go so far to the vet, even if she is payin', especially on a Saturday morning so early.  Man, that truly sucks, but Gordo is soooooooooooo cute.  He's worth it. :)


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