Thursday, April 7, 2005

Woof! Part 2

Yeah yeah.....I know....y'all wanted to see the puppy.  I was yelling 'Well dammit!  Hold still!' til I was hoarse, but he's a bundle of wiggliness.  hee hee....this one is the best of the bunch so far.....  

Paco has been behaving, but Lil Beast (not his name, we haven't decided one yet) will still sleep in his kennel for the next few nights til we figure out his patterns..... (he's already blessed my floor twice....)


  1. he is too cute.

  2. Be careful... sometimes those 'nicknames' stick <LOL> That's how come my cat is called D.K. (short for Devil Kitten) instead of her proper name of Pixel. I got her at 6 weeks, and named her Pixel after a cat in a favorite book of mine. She was a bundle of energy and my roommate and I would call her Devil Kitten... 9 years later her name is D.K. <g> Your Puppy is Adorable!

  3. ah I love floor annoitings LOL WOW he is  ac uttie . YOU got to share more pictures. I lvoe him to death hes so cute.

  4. Hi Amy-
    Oh how exciting that you got a puppy! Sorry I haven't posted in soooo long, but just got home from Reno on Friday. He is so adorable and I'm thrilled for you! There is nothing like a new member of the family. I can remember when Hershey and Jager both were babies and how silly they both were. I was fortunate that they didn't eat my house or tear things to shreads....LOL. I made sure they learned where there "toy basket" was and taught them right away how to put their toys away (in the basket). They were both pretty smart and caught right on.

    Be sure to post more pics when you get time, he looks like such a cuttie pie!

    Take care,

  5. i am so excited for u guys...i love golden me they are the best dogs in the sister has one...its her second...what well behaved dogs...they mind so well...its great...i cant wait to see more pics of your new baby! congratulations!!


  6. I love puppies, but I'm so glad Mandy is done with her puppyhood.  All that chewing and tearing stuff up was about to cause a divorce around here.

  7. awww...I want him!!!!  tooo cute!!!!! I am jealous!!!!

  8. He is adorable! I want  I have 2 dogs over 80 lbs so thats out unless Tom moves into the garage.

  9. cute.. makes me want a puppy.. even though I have 6 cats...rofl!!!

    Robyn :)

  10. Last October I was going through the same puppy or not to puppy? I ended up Puppying lol.....what was I thinking??? lol I should of just named him pig pen his paws and face are always covered with dirt......dirt..white dog....not a good combination! lol

  11. he is a cutie patootie!


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