Sunday, April 24, 2005



........and apparently, I don't do afternoons, either.  ::yawn::  

When, oh, when.....will I ever get caught up on  

%&#$  it.  

Saturday sucked, mainly because I had to get up at 6, but after going on base to open some door for the repair guys, and then zooming 3 towns over, we were late....only to go in and get seen for less than 5 minutes and be told puppy needed another 2 weeks of meds.    oh yay, because he SO enjoys his ear being cleaned twice a day.  <sarcasm>  

BUT.....then after that, we had to drive back on base and make sure the repair guys were doing ok or to see if they were done.  They weren't.  And.....they weren't until around 5:00.  So me and puppy sat in the office, we sat in the car, we sat outside where the puppy wanted to be.  It was cold outside, but the dog wanted to be out there, so Mom that I am, guess where I sat.  Yeah.  Outside.  I was bored out of my dang mind. 

Let's add to that.....the fact that since Gordo had been pretty much sleeping alllll day, by the time we got home, he was jacked.  I mean he was running thru the house at top speed.  You know...the kind where he's going so fast that his little puppy legs cant' keep up and he tumbles headfirst and still keeps on going.  

Anyway, today was a veg out day for me (Jesse had to work), but I'm still sitting here like 'Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'.  ("Snap out of it, Amy!")  I gotta wake up, cuz tonight is practice for Confirmation.  There'll be around 140 kids.  Ohhhh yeah, great...that shouldn't take long!    Yikes.  

and that's it for me because my brain is on 'slow' currently and I don't see it shifting gears any time soon.......


  1. OH why to people and things waste our time making us waite for this and that. Your a good mommie ot puppy. OH yeah please be sure to take some time for your self too girl. HOpe it all slows down soon. Please be usre to share some pics if you can too. I am not a morning or afternoon person either ora people person.

  2. Well, I think we are on the same page today.  Did they give you that blue liquid ear cleaner stuff?  My dog needed that when he was a pup, poor guy!

    I think 140 kids will be enough to keep you on your toes!

  3. something is in the air...all I want to do is sleeep!

  4. Don't you just hate driving all that way for such a short visit! And then to be completely bored with nothing to do after that but sit....(((YOU NEED BIG HUGS CHICY)))
    Gordo sounded like he was extremely happy to be home;o) I can just imagine him running around all crazy~Silly! ::giggle::
    It's was one boring weekend here too..  This weather really sucks bigtime!! Coach canceled Jared's practice saturday because it was so nasty so we just veg'd all weekend too ;o)

    Love & Hugs,

  5. We all have one of those days, from time to time.  Sorry yesterday was your turn, LOL!


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