Wednesday, April 6, 2005


Busy day today full of dentist appointments...medical appointments.....CCD classes.....a fun lil side trip to visit some puppies....(can I just say I LOVE Italian Greyhounds?  hee....what cuties.....)  

Anyhoo.....I know I'm remiss on my interviewing.  I'll make sure you guys are interrogated...I mean...interviewed.    But I may have a fun little piece of news tomorrow...with pictures, even.  Heh....   

I'll be sleeping well tonight....  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


  1. How freaking bizzare, I kid you not, when I clicked on the word yawm in the email, I YAWNED!  Freaky, but true....

    Oh dental appointments, had my share these past two weeks, supposed to get a root canal tmorrow, not happening...

    Sleep well Lovey


  2. aw we had an Italian Greyhound once her name was flipper !!!!!!!!! she was so sweet. she did flips ofcourse. I felt so bad when she died. I wish I had let her on the bed with us that night. She was sick for a while.  I was afraid when she went she would release her bowls. Wish I had put a rubber sheet on the bed and let her with us. She was beside us in the floor.

  3. I LOVE Italian Greyhounds! That was what I wanted when we were looking for a puppy.. G. wanted a Corgi, and when we went and saw Morgan it was love at first sight... But I keep teasing that when we have a house where I can have a second dog that Morgan's 'little sister' is going to be an Iggy!

  4. I love the little Italian greyhounds as well! they are soooo cute!!

    Robyn :)

  5. They are so cute , everytime I go get stuff for Lola my granddaughter's guinie pig they have them at the pet store...the  ones for adoption. she loves them too but we already have a dog, she's part pit bull and lab...she is too high strung for another dog in the yard.....


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