Tuesday, May 24, 2005

4 Letter Words

4 Letter words.  One of them is Pain.  The other is Diet.  (I know....same word, right?  hee hee...)

Pain - I'm getting spasms (or something) in my back right under my left shoulder blade.  Not fun.  I can deal with the chest muscle pain, because if I baby it, the discomfort subsides, but this back pain is getting to me.  Jesse says I need a deep tissue massage, but I don't like them.  I don't know which is worse...the actual discomfort, or the pain of the massage.

Diet - yep.  It's that time.  I'm not liking how I look lately, so on a diet I shall be.  Wish me luck, please.



  1. hey with the way you look in your bathing suit, I don't think you need to diet!

  2. awwwwwww maybe check a chiropractor ours does electricla stimulation and it helps alot and puts us ont hat bed with the rolly bar and that helps so much. HE may also do an adjustment. Dang I hate diets. SHOOT Fire why do we have too. But I think you looked great in your beach pics girl. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  3. It's possible the pain under your shoulder blade could be indigestion. I used to get it real bad in that area, even hurt to the touch. Hope you get it sorted.

  4. Hey Lori, that is what I told her (about how great she looked in that bathing suit).  I only have two kids and I don't look that good.  Went to buy new bras cause I can't stand that the straps are all stretched out on mine and I am constantly pulling them up (I swear men designed those torture devices!!!).  Trying those on made me realize how much weight I have gained in all the wrong places!!!!!  I need to diet too and exercise (what dirty words!).  Getting motivated is the problem with me.  I like to eat all the WRONG kinds of stuff, but I will pull for you, Amy!!!!


  5. Well, I'll add poop and darn to your list. rich

  6. but remember LOVE is a 4 letter word also :-)  im sorry u are in pain...i know how it feels...it really sux...and i agree...i wont go for a massage...done it once and it hurt me worse than the actual pain....never again...diets are terrible...why is it that all the good food is so dang fattening?? i dont get it! good luck and i hope u feel better soon..


  7. Sorry about your pain.  I'm having to diet also if that helps.  I'm 28 now, and my metabolism isn't what it used to be.  I used to could eat everything and not gain an ounce.  I miss those days.


  8. Good luck!  You've got a lot of people here rooting for you!   Russ

  9. Good luck with your diet!  Let us know if it works, might want to try it myself!  I liked the PICS of the beach outing in your last post!  Thanks for sharing them.  It was good to see a family truly having fun together.  So glad you got your man back!

  10. I am on a diet as well, good luck with yours, let us know how you get on.......Jules xxx

  11. Sorry you're under the weather. Maybe you should light some candles and take a nice hot bath. Took one the other day myself and had forgotten how nice they were. So Peaceful and relaxing too. Hope you're feeling better and good luck with your diet! ~ Lori

  12. I hate the diet word too and am 4ever on one.  I do ok as long as I get that darn work out of mine.  Otherwise I could diet til the cows come back from the moon and get about no where.  I am so afraid of summer this year.  I look about as I did after my biggest baby and worst pregnancy.  I am pretty freaked out. What happened?  I just wanna know what happened?!!  Something has happened because MY body has definitely been stolen and replaced by something I refuse to claim.  Grrrr.  Good luck with the four letter thingy though.  I prefer to call it a lifestyle... because I've been on the 4 letter thingy my whole freakin' life and it only works when I change my entire life and do the whole dang thing... take vitamins, get water, eat fruits and veggies, light on everything else, sparing on the sweets and get lots of rest and plenty of 12-15 minute workouts at least every other day.  I have to live this whole thing like this or man the inches creep on.  Ugh. Sigh.  I'm getting very serious about mine too.  I won't be able to leave the house if I don't do something soon.


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