Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Ahh...the peace of a quiet morning. Not.

It was a seemingly quiet morning.  I had fed all the animals, the kids were still asleep, and I had my coffee while sitting in front of the computer.  Then I heard yipping.  Growling.  More yipping.  I turned around to see two blurs of fur zoom past me twice and then disappear.  There was all kinds of roughhousing and the like going on in my living room, so I went and got the camera.    It took them about an hour and a half before they wore each other out, though....


  1. GRRRRRRRRRR I was looking at your journal and the pics woudl not come up and load so Kept trying then I said FREAK I ll send it to Rachaels email adnlook at it inthe kitchen on the lap top!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT TOOK FOR EVER TO SEND  and the hour glass kept up Then i tall of a sudden said no connection is established what the crap????????   I was online looking at thewelcome screen now it just kicked me  off here and I had to come back and it said you have been signed on at another location. freaking weird I tell ya!!!!!!!!! WeLL anyway Honey got all frisky this morning runningaround with the ball. I was trying to go back ot sleep after Todd left this morning at five am. GRRRRRRR She is playing running over thebed squeezing the ball. She puts her whole mouth over Sashas head That isso funny what is it with brindle dogs LOL mouth over head I love your pics and I thihnk that is so cute. I reallylovethecaptions too

  2. domesticatedchicMay 3, 2005 at 9:57 AM

    ha ha ha ha ha.. those are great pics.. that pup is so cute.. and the big guy is a sweetie too! :)

  3. it seems like my animals are the most active in the wee hours of the morning also...then the rest of the day the sleep! ahhh the life of cats and dogs!


  4. I love the way you edit the photos.  It makes me laugh and I needed to laugh today!!!!  Such a cute puppy!!!  I am sure Paco loves the company.  My dog, Mary Jane, was raised with another dog.  I am sure she misses Sadie.   My cats are most active when I am trying to sleep.  Seems to be the general consensus from others also who have left comments. :)  I swear, they are just like bad little kids!!!!
    They keep me busier than the kids do!!!!  Anyway, have a wonderful day!!!


  5. What a blast!  Today at work I found myself talking about Sunshine and how fat she is, and after that all I wanted to do was come home and hang with the cats!

  6. They look so happy together


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