Friday, May 13, 2005

::bitch bitch bitch::

  "..but in the end, you gotta decide if it's worth it to lace up the boxing gloves and spit your water.....or whether you'd rather roll your eyes and hit the X while thinking 'what a jackass' "  

Heh....I got that in email in regards to the last entry, and had to laugh.  It's true.  Some people are just going to be crabby no matter how much ExLax they take.

   SO.  Here's my bitching for the day.   



I'm kidding.  I don't have THAT much to bitch about that I need to warn everybody to run for the hills, although I seem to have this weird spasm in my back that is getting annoying.  Jesse was like 'You don't think it's because you're sitting at the computer too much, do you?' to which I said 'OUT!  I will not have you blasphemizing in my house!'   

Here's a lil snippet.  The dogs strapped it ON yesterday.  Methinks puppy needs to know that while Paco is a patient teacher, he can only take so much before he opens a can of whoop-ass.  Paco was laying down like usual, and the puppy was jumping around, play biting him (which he usually tolerates), but puppy bit too hard, so Paco sat up and yelped and then barked at Gordo.  Gordo was too wound up and barked back with a lil teeth baring, and Paco was like 'Oh no you didn't!' and Paco gave him a what-for.  Needless to say, puppy was rather subdued in the moments following.  Jesse was all worried about it, but what are ya gonna do.  They need to establish the seniority of the pack at some point.  I just thought it was going to be later than sooner.  Gordo needs some one on one work, for sure.  He's a    We've got a few commands down, but it's hard for him to concentrate.  (::knock knock::  McFly?!!!  Hello?!)  

Jesse will be doing his Reserves thang this weekend.  I miss him when he's gone.  I said to him 'Hey, I'm sorry for being so clingy, but aren't you going to be able to retire in 6 or 7 more years?'  He said 'Umm...I don't know, I think they're changing some stuff for the Reservists, but when we move, I'll be able to transfer to a base close to home anyway so I can just go do my thing like a regular work day instead of being gone the whole weekend...'  so hmm....   

Clouds are coming thru today, but no rain expected til Wednesday or Thursday.  pfft.  Rainy season cannot come soon enough.  Hurricane season, eh...but rainy season...yessssss.  Hmm...maybe I should hurry up and get the house painted first before I do my rain dance.  Oh well....  

By the way, does anybody know why it used to be that I could copy/paste my entry into the journal page and it would come out the pretty color that I used in the email, but NOW.....when I do C/P - it comes up black.  Settings, maybe?


  1. I find myself sitting at the computer too much.  I admit it!!!!  I am a J-land junkie.  I love reading what is going on in everyone else's life, especially the photo journals.  Does that mean my life is very boring, lol?  Your entry about Gordo and Paco cracked me up 'cause I nicknamed Brandon's kitty Badass 'cause he thinks he is.  He is the smallest, but will jump either of my other two, who are pretty big kitties, and try to fight to the death.  I wonder if he thinks maybe he is a rooster in a cockfight?????? :O

  2. all I can say is AOHell. is probably at it again!

  3. I had to put it in in text do that now. then sometimes I still have to change it. dang copy and paste crap. well you know I agree Gordo has to learn from  Paco and sounds like Paco is being good like Sasha and Pepper are with HONEY HONEY is a demon at times LOL I love your funny story I see it daily in my house. YUP no computer blasphemy in this house thats for sure LOL well you havea great weekend I know you like the clouds. I know you miss hubby and that must be hard.

  4. You crack me up woman...damn shame you don't live closer, we'd be the Thelma and Louise of 2005!

    I'm tempted all the time to get a new dog, but my little guy would be so jealous!  He's up my ass all the time like a 9 month old baby.  Even though he's only 12lbs, I think he'd eat a puppy if I brought one home.  Maybe I'll get a cat, that'll really piss him off!

    ~Bitchy Nae~

  5. Way to go, Paco!  I didn't have that problem with my older Alpha Canine (Bongo) when the Yorkie (Bebe) came along because they were different genders.  For future reference:  Two male dogs will constantly challenge each other's dominance constantly.  This advice comes a little late, but at least you'll have more journaling material for years to come!  ;)     Russ


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