Saturday, May 21, 2005

<bleeping> cat....


Last night, we had gone to bed late.  We were tired.  Well, Jesse and I were, anyway.  Those dang kids are never tired.  I was already in bed.  Jesse was on his way down the hallway when I yelled for him to let the puppy out to pee one last time for the night.  He stops, calls the dog, and goes out with him.  About two minutes later I hear "God damn it!  Get over there...will you get in there...... dammit.....AMY!!!!"  Now, there I am in my T shirt and underwear....almost asleep.....and I jumped up all 'What?!  WHAT?!?!  What happened?!' grabbing my pajama pants and stumbling down the (dark) hallway.  He says 'The cat got out..'  ::expressionless stare::  ::sigh::  This cat is notorious for escaping, going under the house, and seeing how long she can stay there with us trying to coax her out.  <bleeping> cat.  So, Jesse is trying to shove the now very playful puppy back in the house while I'm trying to go outside.  I get outside and the cat is sitting on the grass right off the porch.  We have an opening where she usually runs under the house, right off the porch.  I'm praying she doesn't decide to run.  I walk off the porch and around towards where she is.  She looks at me, hops back up on the porch and flounces in the house.  <bleeping> cat.  Meanwhile, Jesse is inside.  I'm thinking 'WTH...he couldn't even stay outside in case I needed help?'  I go inside, give the cat a dirty look while she proceeds to eat and then lick herself.  I go looking for Jesse, who is in the bathroom, with blood all over his hand.  So, then...I'm all freaking out.  "Did she claw you?!  Did the dog bite you?!!?  OMG WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!!?!?!"  He says "Um.  I cut myself with my own fingernail trying to grab the cat."  ::blink::  I look at his fingernails.  They're all well cut.  I look at him like he has no sense whatsoever.  and then I said 'Damn it, if you didn't want to rub my neck, you could have just said so.  There's no need for all this drama!' ::giggle::  of course, I felt sorry for him, bandaged him up, put him to bed, and snuggled him.   How could I not.  LOL    

But I'm GETTING that neck rub tonight, dammit! 


  1. One of the unknown laws of Newtonian physics:
    The length of time it takes a pet to pee when let outside is inversly proportional to the outside temperature.  

  2. Lol, we have a zoo around our house too, Amy.  I KNOW where you are coming from on this one!!!!  Simba and Mary Jane are the only two allowed outside, but Fonzie and Prisse like to see how much they can escape.  He got out in our house in Broomfield and was gone 33 hours.  I was sick to my stomach the whole time thinking I would never see him again since he had always been an inside cat.  I did not know if he would know how to get back home or not.  I prayed and cried and prayed some more begging God to let my cat come back home.  We put signs out all over the neighborhood.  Every couple of hours I would go out looking for him.  Donnie and my nephew were out back putting a roof on our shed, when he jumped the fence.  Donnie told me to open the back door, which I did and he came running in.  I was never so glad to see an animal in my life.  Sure can get attached to those little boogers, even if they do drive us crazy at times, lol.

  3. ROFLMBO!!

    I'm just giggling away, because I had a kitty that did that too!  I used to wonder what my neighbors thought when they saw me outside trying to catch him.  I just hope they saw the cat and didn't interpret my odd movements of trying to get close to him and NOT make him run as idiocy!  lol  you know the walk, ya walk around them slowly and try to block their usual path to freedom, yet without them knowing what you're up to!  Just out saying hi, ya know, how ya doing, feel good out here?  That CATCH- you little MF I can't believe you had me out here again looking like an idiot!  lol


  4. LOL  It sounds like you have a house full of action!  I was thinking about getting a cat for my apartment.  Now I'm not so sure... lol

  5. Cats are a friggin' test sometimes!  Luckily, my two felines are too spoiled and addicted to comfort to even consider the great outdoors an an option when I take the dogs out.  Maybe it's because I have cages of birds inside the house for them to stalk.    Russ

  6. What men will do to get out of something.  :)  
    Hope you got your neck rubbed.  


  7. Could this all lead to a little "catting" around?? LOL rich

  8. hestiahomeschoolMay 22, 2005 at 12:54 PM

    ROFL  Your family sounds a lot like mine.  We have an escape artist rat now  that causes all kinds of problems, not to mention the skunk who lives on the deck.

  9. WTH dammit all to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have spent since 8 oclock trying to read your jjournal entry. Dam kids wont let me read it !!!!!!!!!!!!! BLEEPING kids. Tracys 24 and asking me when to take a bath LOL I have to direct Todd to take Sara Beth home and Tell him to get the girls and get me an ale 8 whilst he isout. now I forgot half your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going back to read just a second. NOW okay wonder why every night I take a bubble bath and beer whilst Todd sits and talks to me. No peace with the animlas and kids. You know what I M talking about. Does that not gripe your butt!!!!!!!!!! freakin cat They are so darn peculiar. I Have no idea but I might have strangled. YUP girl I hope you get your back rub MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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