Saturday, May 7, 2005

<tongue click>

 It is a damn good thing I send myself these entries after I type them (in email) or I would be losing so many entries, I'd be homicidal.....look what finally showed up in SENT MAIL.  Nevermind that I can't access my NEW MAIL.  Frickety Frackety again!

Friday - me & Jesse went to the movies (Guess Who - with Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac) so the kids could wrap the Mothers Day presents without me around... after that, we went to Hooters.  I have nothing but evil words for our waitress.  I'll keep them to myself though.  

Saturday - Vet visit, puppy shots, Mexican food, sleep  

I'm so glad Jesse is working on Mothers Day because I can't take any more food in my system.   

At the movies?  Large popcorn with EXTRA butter.  oh...and we had jalapenos with that!Ah does wonders for the digestive system.....  

Hooters?  Buffalo shrimp with the HOT sauce.  More digestive wonders.....  

Huge plate of Mexican food?  More wonders. 

This was the point where my stomach said 'ENOUGH!!'  

I feel ill.   

I may sleep all day tomorrow curled into a ball having nightmares about food.



  1. I hope your stomach starts feeling better soon!


  2. oh man I ate too much grad food yuck. yeah when huby is home its hard to keep up the eating game. THey make us fat that is what he deal is well Im glad they showed up with your entry at anyrate let us know what you get for mothers day LOL

  3. Repeat after me... Ctrl + C! That copies your entry to your Windows clipboard. Do that every so often (especially right before hitting the save button <g>), then if AOL hiccups all you have to do is reopen your Journal and hit Ctrl + V to 'paste' your entry back in!

    Another thing I do is compose my entries in notepad (also a Windows program) and then copying and pasting my entry into my Journal to pretty up. At least I don't lose the entry if AOL is stupid! Also, sometimes I have a couple of .txt files going of entries or notes for entries I want to do! Oh, and you get spellcheck if you do it that way!

  4. yikes Id be in the

  5. i dont know how people can eat all that hot/spicy son loves it..the hotter the on the other hand the only spice i can handle is a bit of salt! i hate hot food...i wonder where my son gets it from!

    may you a very Happy Mothers Day!


  6. Okay, I love Hooters and it has nothing to do with the waitresses!  Honest!  The food you mentioned in this entry sounds fantastic.


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