Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Dark and cloudy...

It was a dark and stormy night.... ( it's day time, but still...)  It's dark.  It's cloudy and ominous looking outside.  Not that cool outside (75 and SOOOO humid), but the point is...I'm so happy.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE dark cloudy days.  My god, I can't complain enough about how I hate it here because it's so freakin' sunny and hot all the time.    There's an actual condition - Reverse SAD.  I'm not saying I HAVE it...but interestingly enough, I can relate to the symptoms pretty darn well...  

Short entry for now....perhaps I'll do another one later... 

Update - since Jesse came home to take Ryan to her dental appt, he suggested afterwards that we go to Chuck E Cheese since it'd be fairly empty.  (It's raining, school hasn't let out yet, etc..)  Oh.  Joy.  After that, I guess it'll be time for CCD classes for Alex, though....  I should be tired by tonight.  ( used to be that we would take the kids out in order to get them tired, but it seems like they're NEVER tired anymore and it's ME who's ready for bed at 9...LOL)


  1. I don't mind just plain rainy days, those are sleep-in days, but we have had some prettysevere weather here in the heart of Dixe lately.  Don't like severe weather AT all!!!!  It is hot and humid here in Alabama as well, that is why I LOVED living in Colorado!!!!!!!  Absolutely perfect climate with over 300 days a year of sunshine,  but hardly ever TOO hot!!!!!  Hope to move back there again one day! :)

  2. I'm so with you.  It's so calming to me, yet at the same time I am craving hot sunny 90 degrees!

  3. YUP We are getting old and they get more energy. I would not mind clouds here if it were warm. But freaking clouds and north winds and rain in may is drving me nuts. Wanna trade places ????????

  4. the weather is dark here today also...rained all morning...its about 60 here though...since it was cool and raining and dark i went back to bed after everyone left this felt so good to be snuggled under the quilt and be toasty warm...its too bad i had to wake up to pee too soon though! have fun at chuckies!


  5. See, that's the thing that I couldn't stand about Florida.  The heat just killed me.  I had the vapors constantly.  lol

    I loved all the green and it's so exotic, but the humidity slows ya down, w a y  d o w n ! ! !

    I'm glad you are having the kind of day you like.  Any day I have pizza is a GOOD day!  As a matter of fact, we are having pizza and those bone out wings tonight.  YUM!  Then I 'll have to fast for two days!  No!  No anorexia for me, but I am careful after a pizza night, I love it soooooo . . .

    Thanks so much for visiting.  Loved your comment.  Hope you return!

  6. oh boy chucky cheese

  7. "Reverse SAD"  Brilliant!  I have that too.  I like gray skies and ominous cloud formations.  I even get a little giddy when there is a tornado warning in my area.  


  8. ACK! I usually love thunderstorms, but these kept me awake all day, and I got little sleep. I feel DRAINED! LOL!

  9. It sounded like a great day until Jesse wanted you to go out in the rain!  I like an occasional rainy day on my days off, too.  However, I do not like to drive in rain!


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