Tuesday, May 3, 2005

do de do de do....


For some strange reason, the kids left me alone for most of the day.  That was good for me, but since there was no damn way I was going to go do something constructive....like....oh, I don't know...dishes...laundry...whatever.....I started reading journals.  I have ALOT in my favorites.  (Hmm..lemme count - 65!)  Many of them I don't comment on, but I do read 'em every day.  I'll admit, though...I'm a few days behind.  Anyway, I got to this entry, I Used to Believe..... from Inner and Outer Demons and choked on my cherry Kool Aid laughin'.  

BUT.....after I got done reading all the journals, and reading the graphics group emails.....I'm just sitting here.  Me and my 1 1/2 lb. bag of M&Ms.  and my cherry Kool Aid.  

People....send me some links so I have something to read, ok?!  LOL  

Can you believe I emailed Jesse telling him to bring home food so I didn't have to cook?  I know.  I'm a lazy wench today.  Oh well..... 


  1. Hey we all need lazy smazy good for nothing accomplish nothing days. Tis good for the soul. NOW though girl you got me wanting M and M's. Do you know I have put off going shopping for two days now!!!!!! thing is I have to get the stuff to bake rachaels ale 8 cake for graduation. I have to bake it Thursday I have to make two so I need to get my tukus in gear. I got to go tomrrow. Rachael the BOSS has spoken no more procrastinating. NO More. I had nothign no idea to fix so I threw some brown rice togehter mixed up some refer beans and can of tomatoes whith chilies in them and put some cheese and sour cream on it called it dinner HOws that for lazy ???????? They all looked at it and said what is this???????????

  2. Here you are being a lady of leisure today and I have been working my tail off in my house, lol!!!!  My stepfather came and picked Carrie up at 2ish.  It was going to be the first time I have had the house totally alone since we have been back in the heart of Dixie and I was looking forward to it.  I was going to get so much done and even work my job for awhile (imagine that!!!!).  I had actually gotten a good ways into unpacking my now 5-week old boxes and reorganizing my bedroom and bathroom, but wouldn't you know it, my brother picked today of all days to call and chat for two hours.  Oh, I could have gotten so much more done.
    Oh well.............it was sort of good to talk to him during the times he was making sense.  I think he was hitting the bottle as he is known to do.  I can always tell because he stutters a lot.  Not how I had planned it, but do things ever go EXACTLY as we plan, lol?


  3. ohh i have been a slug all day too.  : P

    Thanks for the link to the site.. very cute and brings up memories of my son's pretend freind he had when he was 2 or so.  I'll have to blog about it some time lol.

    Much Love,

  4. well, i think it sounds like the absolute perfect day to me!! sometimes we just need to take a day or 2 off! so enjoy!


  5. Yeah, I read those, too.  Good site.  I can remember thinking many of those things!

  6. Love the lady in the hat graphic!  How me!?  You ARE my lost twin!  I luv m-n-m's... cherry kool aid is awesome too!  And having hubby bring dinner home is such a wonderful way to end a day of journal reading!  How fun!  Glad you got some time for you!  


  7. You have a welcoming way about you, fun graphics, soooo . . .   on your next day of rest, here's another journal to read:

    this is my second.  I'm insane, but I LOVE writing, so what's one more!


  8. Thanks so much for mentioning my journal in this entry and for linking me.  I will absolutely link yours to mine if that's okay.  You want stuff to read?  Oh honey -- I can give you hours of material:

    www.pagesixsixsix.com   A very frequently updated Hollywood gossip site that is about a week ahead of all the tabloids.

    www.televisionwithoutpity.com   An exhaustive discussion about everything you saw the night before on TV.

    www.overheardinnewyork.com   Overheard conversions in NYC.  They update several times a day.

    That should keep you busy for awhile.  Just let me know when you need more.


  9. LOL,  I have read your journal for awhile and just now getting around to leaving you a link.  Here ya go,




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