Monday, May 2, 2005

Doin' the Scalzi Monday Photo Shoot

From Mr. Scalzi   Your Monday Photo Shoot: Significant Others

This week's photo shoot has you capturing on film (or digits) some very important people indeed:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of your significant other, or show off a picture of your significant other that you particularly like. If you are currently between significant others (hey, it happens), you can use a picture of a former significant other, or a picture of a really good friend, since really good friends, in their way, are just as important as a significant other.

So, here my significant other is.....y'all have seen him before, but hey, let's just take another look, shall we? 


Get this....I woke up at 4 AM and told him I felt I was getting stomach flu or something....(cuz I was getting those weird cold sweats and my tummy was VERY upset) and he stayed home to make sure I was ok (or take care of me if I needed) but I started feeling better around 10 so he went on to work.  WHAT a sweetheart, huh?!    He definitely IS the better half....heh heh.....



  1. awwwwwww so sweet so special. Loved all the photos. yup fixing the pc rates right up there !!!!!!!
    Loved the pics. Seeing ahappy couple. Sure hope you stay wlel maybe it was just somthing you ate that came back on you. Todd always offers to stay home with me but I always say no when I get well I will want to spend money LOL get me some money LOL

  2. awww...that is a good man!

  3. Hi Amy!! Glad you were able to stop by my journal!!  Love the pictures in your entry!  Yes... I definitely drink coffee at 3pm, 4pm, 5 pm.... it's a terrible addiction that tastes so good.  Most of my fuel and energy is from that stuff-  I'm trying to drink more water, tea and juice... kool aid too, having 3 kids like you I see!  You have a great journal!  I will definitely be back! Oh and I'm so glad I'm not alone in the why rants you found in my journal as you mentioned you ask yourself a lot of these same questions too everyday!  Do you live here in FL also?  It says the sunshine state and of course I was thinking of us immediately!  I am so not ready for the heat wave...


    And here's my link to help you keep track of me-- just what you needed, one more person to keep track of- hee hee!!:

  4. Ooooooooooo, that is a gorgeous picture, both man and landscape.  What a beautiful smile, but I am sure you KNOW that already.  You two make a lovely couple.  Many blessings to you and yours my dear friend.  :)

  5. Silly me......I did not notice there were more than one.  I like the one of the beach the best and the one of the two of you together.  I say it again; you two make such a lovely couple.  That was nice of him to want to stay home to take care of you.  I felt like that last night after eating my cooking, lol, and I am a terrific cook!!!!

  6. wow, great photos! I like the one where he's fixing the 'puter, so you can goof off!


  7. You have one heck of a good man!!!  He treats you right.  :)  Great pictures of him too.  

  8. Hmmm... cute! Nice pics of the hubby!! You two are sooo cute in the last one together!... but still none of him washing the puppy <eg>

  9. Precious!!!


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