Sunday, May 1, 2005

Flying Shower Heads and Shopping


Last night Jesse decides he's going to give the puppy a bath.  The puppy doesn't really enjoy baths.  And so, ensued a night of amusement for all except Jesse and the puppy.  It all started with Jesse deciding it'd probably be easier to get into the shower with the dog, so he took off his shorts and hopped in the shower in his underwear and a T shirt.  I decided to come watch the fun.  (OK, and seeing my husband in his underwear was just an added bonus, but anyway...)  At first, everything was going ok.  Puppy sat there with a look of disdain, but at least he sat there....which prompted Jesse to say 'Gee, honey...I don't know why you said he doesn't like showers...he's just sitting here for me!'  Uh huh.  Yeah.  I'm a patient I smiled and said nothing.  About...ohhhhhh....7 minutes into it, puppy decided he had had enough.    He made a flying leap trying to get out of the tub.  At the time, Jesse was holding the shower head.  Obviously, he had to drop the shower head to grab the dog.  The shower head went flying....sprayed me, the wall, the rugs, and Jesse's hiney.  I just smiled, and said nothing.  Jesse looked at me and glared.   He looked at the dog - who was still trying to climb out of the tub....and said 'OK....I see what you're saying now....'  (YOU THINK?!) So, by the time the dog and Jesse were finished with the shower, they were both wiped out.  The poor puppy went to his bed after I dried him off and he was OUT.  LOL  Jesse took his own shower, came to bed, and he was OUT.  Hilarity at its' finest....

     ......and let's see.....yesterday was Grocery Day!  Fun fun fun...  I love to go grocery shopping.  We spent $320 for 2 weeks worth, though...  I remember not that long ago, when we only spent $150 and thought it was soooo high.   I guess that was when we had 2 little kids who ate fish sticks and chips all the it's more like 'Hey Mom...can you pick up some asparagus so we can have it bacon wrapped?!'  'Hey gotta make that pork roast..  and don't forget the avocado to go with it!!!'  (which I bought, by the way...its in my crockpot right now and the smells are killing me.....Jesse is gonna make tortas for dinner tonight)  Oh well...I guess I'd rather spend more money and have them eat healthy stuff.

     .......and we passed the Dollar Tree because I remembered they had dog toys, and Gordo is in need of more.  (...can never have too many dog toys, ya know!)  I bought a few (which were mangled in a matter of an hour by the other furry beast), and then bought some yummy candles, and some picture frames, and my trip to the Dollar Store cost more than a dollar.  Heh....more like $30.00....but I can't complain.  I got a lot of stuff for that much...    

I think I'm going to try and make it to the pet store this weekend to see if I can find a bed for Gordo, though...  I figured out why he doesn't enjoy sleeping on our bed unless he's cuddled against us with us holding him.  He gets into a deep sleep...rolls over and falls off.  Poor puppy!  So, I'm gonna see if I can find one of those beds that have the raised sides.  Paco has one that he loves, so we'll see.....

    We're getting lots of clouds today with rain expected, which makes me happy.  Seeing the sun all the time sucks the energy out of me, but let a rainy cloudy daycome along and I'm bursting with energy, so I may take advantage ofthat and clean.    (orrrr maybe not.  LOL)


  1. So glad you are feeling better today, Amy.  Your entry about Jesse and the puppy in the shower had me ROFLMHO!!!!!!  I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall for that one!!!!  Of course, the way the bathroom got saturated with water, I would have probably drowned, lol.  I know what you mean about groceries, absolutely outrageous!!!!!  My house is a mess.  Gotta get to that too!  You know what they say and we know it to be true, "A womans work is never done.............................

  2. P.S.  I LOVE Dollar Tree too!!!!  I do the same thing when I go in there, lol!!!!

  3. Wow, bath time at your house sounds incredibly entertaining.  

    One of my friends came home once to find her husband trying to give the CAT a shower!  They had one of those sliding doors, so the cat was completely about a death wish.

    I found a good Mexican restaurant Friday - they're hard to come by around here - and I thought of you because they had tongue tacos.  I really wanted to try them, just to say I had if nothing else...but the enchiladas sounded too good to pass up!

  4. Well I was going tosay take pics t o shar e of puppies adventrues. BUT never mind since hubby is in his undies LOL But the tstory you tell is pretty funny. Yeah Honey is going ot be fun and when tracy bathers her Im taping it LOL

    Our dogs have ot have NICE dog toys theose $1 ones do not last five minutes. yeah i got ot go shopping nad get stuff for the graduation. Its going ot be so hecktic this week. I cant wait till its over then again I can as I dont want school to be over. You share some pics of the puppy beds and pacos too.!!!!!!!!

    Wehhad clouds and rain all week and cold temps and guess what???????? Its MAY and they are calling for frost chance for hte nex three nights. WHEN IS this going to end its so not KY!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hmmm... unlike other people, I STILL wish you had taken pics of Gordo's 'shower'... especially if you hubby was in his underwear <eg> Glad you are feeling better, and I feel for you with the grocery thing. I try to go every other week and do my 'main' shopping. Then all I have to do is pick up milk, or bread, or soda in between. It's actually cheaper that way than if I go every week!

  6. what no pictures!!!  LOL  my dog does not like dog toys..he prefers our socks!!!!  

  7. I'm going to be washing all my cats tonight, so I'll be getting pretty sprayed  down with water in a few hours! sounds like you sure had fun in that dollar store..rofl!! Ain't it true, you go into a store for one thing, and Wham!! 50 bucks later...rofl!!!

    Robyn :)

  8. Ya gotta love the dollar store!!  Bath with puppy sounds very entertaining!!  Nice that you got the added bonus of your honey in undies too!!  
    : )

  9. domesticatedchicMay 2, 2005 at 7:29 PM

    Ha ha ha.. loved the story about the puppy and that whole shower deal.. luckily my dog loves her baths but that is a first as every other dog Ie ever had was not fond of them at all.. lol* I hear ya on that whole shopping deal.. too...I spend way too much on groceries! :) Mel


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