Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Help me out...

Today is my baby girls' 15th birthday.  The 15th birthday is supposed to be a big deal for a Mexican girl, so today, even though she's not having a quincenera, I hope she'll look back on this birthday and remember it.  Do me a favor and go wish her a Happy Birthday.  I'm serious when I say the only people in our large family who remembered Ryan's birthday is her grandparents.  Is that messed up or what?  She says "Eh...I've gotten used to it, it's ok' but it's not ok.....so I want her to know that Mama takes care of her baby.  Here's her journal:  Don't Call Me - I'm Amish

                                                  Picture from Hometown


(and Russ?  I'll be emailing you later.  *wink*  Maybe you can help me out...)


  1. Left a birthday wish in her blog and I sent her a greeting card!  My Gram totally spazed on my birthday last year.  She remembered 2 weeks later.  -Dawn-

  2. I beat you to it!!!!

  3. I went and I sang in da club for her. HOpe she enjoyed my off key singing LOL

  4. You name it!  I'd be glad to help!  I checked out her blog and amazed that this young woman is only FIFTEEN!  She's very smart and self-aware...and funny!  You did a good job, Momma!  Love, Russ

  5. I am a day late reading journals but will make sure she gets belated wishes. Take care.

  6. Very sorry Amy, We missed a birthday, Hope it's not to late to say that we hope your daughter had a happy one. I am just too busy I guess Seems like tomatoes takes up a lot of my time.
    Your Tennessee Friends, Dad, Mary and Princess

  7. I am so sorry I am so behind on entries.  I will still go over and give her a happy belated B-day.  Nicki


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