Friday, May 13, 2005


I did my usual journal hopping this AM and one of my last reads basically said that they were tired of people journaling and whining about things that were going wrong in their lives and that they should quit whining and deal....and it made me....not want to journal, I guess.  I whine sometimes...  I guess I had no idea how much it bothers people, ya know?  


Maybe a private journal is in order...I dunno...  

Um...let's see...last night was Bruno's Pizza, a Philly, and some ravioli...  we had a little of everything, which was good, and Jesse brought home some ice cream - Mint Chocolate Chip, which I've loved ever since I was a kid...  

I was able to get rid of my headache, too, so I was glad for that.  It's been there for days, so Jesse just rubbed the back of my neck really hard to see if the tension would go away, which it did...  

Happy Friday the 13th, y'all....


  1. are we journalling for us or for others?  If we are journallng for us, whine away.....and if others don't like me whining, they can just go away!  If I whined all the time to Ernie , he would shoot me, so off to my journalI go!!!

  2. I guess it boils down to.. who are you writing for?  Other people or yourself?  

    But...let's not forget, if someone is tired of hearing about the real world of other people, they do have the option of clicking that little 'x' and moving on.  

    I'd not worry what others think.. write what you want to, and what you need to.  ~Sie

  3. Amy--this is YOUR journal, whoever's bitching about other people's problems/whining/whatever is free NOT TO READ others' journals.  For many of us, our journals are a wonderful way to work though our problems, and also to let our friends and family know what's going on in our lives.  Ignore this ass...there will always be people like this out there.  People who don't care about others' problems and just want everyone to show them a happy face.  Guess what?  Life ain't like that.  Don't let one crabby a$$hole stop you from writing (and whining, when the mood strikes) about your life.  Your REAL friends do care.  We may have advice or just be able to sympathize, but REAL friends aren't going to get disgusted with you when you're feeling down or having troubles.  (((((AMY)))))

    If you wanna give me this person's journal URL, I'd be happy to give him/her/it a piece of my mind directly.  *wink*

  4. Amy, it's your journal.  Nobody is forced to read it.  Don't you DARE let them quench you.

  5. Well its your journal and WHINE If you want to. Thats what we J land friends are suppose to be here for . If you dont like it or somedays may not be up to dealing with it then pass!!!!!!!!!!  If I dont agree or dont like the whining mostly becuase IM whiny my self I just be nice and if I cant move on. A friend is a friend good days and bad days. SO WHINE Here so long as you bring some cheese LOL Have a great weekend. Hey We go to a chiropractor when we get headaches. One that deals i n sublexations and he works wonders. The girls are still seeing ours from thier Car Accident in FEb but htey are down to once a month and they are doing so good.

  6. It is MY personal opinion that our whining helps us deal.  It is also my personal opinion, which sounds like everyone else who has commented here, that this person can move on if he/she does not want to hear the woes in our journal.  It is why we vent our frustrations in life.  Life is not always a bowl of cherries, ya know???? Sometimes, what you are going through might help me with what I am going through.  I personally LOVE your journal and the way you express yourself.  Even when you are in agony, you are funny.  Guess the #$^* did not pick up on that 'cause they were too busy bitchin'.
    Had to be a man, lol.  It is what we womenfolk do!!!!!!! :)  Don't see nothing in AOLs rules that we cannot whine. :o

  7. Hi~

    I recently found your journal, either through Life with Linny or Mumma4Ever, methinks.

    I agree with the rest of the comments. It's your journal, you can say whatever you want. If you feel the need to whine, whine, by all means. (Plus, how do you really define whine? What may be whine to one, is just normal stuff to another.)

    I probably helped none. LOL Hope all else is well in your world! Good luck with the puppy.


  8. Nothing wrong with some good healthy bitching when it's called for.  Even the person who wrote that entry is guilty of whining--about whining!

  9. i thought the point of having a journal was to bitch about it whats going on in your life? what else would anyone write about??



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