Monday, May 30, 2005

The joys of being a woman

Yeah, I'm alive..... but you know.......I had to wash my hair.......


and um.......have a hormonal outburst or two.......


and you know..... slam one back.......


Ah c'mon.....Diet Coke only......I don't need another headache on top of the one I already have. 

OK....I'm ok.  Really.  Or maybe not.


  1. Hey, these graphics are great. I DO hope you can lose that headache of yours soon.  Sam

  2. Yep, love the graphics, Amy.  My trial is going to be up on PSP before I even have time to play around with it. :(  I have been so busy lately.  Will email you hopefully tomorrow.  Hope you feel better soon!!!


  3. I love the graphics :).............Jules xxxxxx

  4. Cool entry.  But are you really ok.  Nicki

  5. This was a very cute entry. Yeah sometimes cant washing your hair be a burdern I tell you it is and I tmeans I got to curl it too dang it. !!!!!!
    OH today my family did something very special for em I got share in my journal I feel special and no outburts today!!!!! GIRL You better be okay I love you. HOpe yo had a happy holiday Do you know it took me till Sunday to realize I have had a miagrain. I took advil galore to no avail and lights bothered me and sound and eyes watering for days and neck and head hurting!!!!!!!! It dawne don me a miagrane STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ARE you okay?  You know you've got a shoulder here in KC.  Love, Russ

  7. Momma said there'd  be days like this!!!

  8. I love your journal!  Very cute entry.


  9. or a gay man...  (you forgot to mention that)  just kiddin..

  10. Isn't it amazing how a DC can make you feel so good?  Oh wait, that was a Rum and DC......


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