Saturday, May 21, 2005

My kid is hilarious....

My buddies all know the comedic chaos that normally happens at my house.  Most of them also know my hatred for lizards is off the scale.  That being's my baby girl's blog.  Read, visualize, and tell me that ain't funny.  ::giggle::


  1. yup that is likey a Funniest home videos story had you had a cam corder handy. I shared it with my daughters. Your daughter sounds like my Rachael. LOL

  2. Oh my gosh! That is too funny!


  3. Now that was very funny!!!  We have lots of lizards too!  Guess it is a good thing we have three cats.  They chase the cockroaches for me too, of which I am absolutely PETRIFIED!!!!!  Those things alone make me want to go back to Colorado!!!!  Had lots of earwigs and spiders in my house there, but NO cockroaches!!!!  Lizards don't bother me unless they jump out from somewhere and I am not expecting them.  Remind me to tell you my son's squirrel story........


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