Monday, May 16, 2005


ok, so I lied....I'm making an entry....  

Right now, Adrian is running around in Alex's ninja Halloween costume from last year.  It's three sizes too big but he doesn't care.  He's a Ninja!  (oh, but just the top half.  A Ninja top and his underwear...)  

Alex is walking around with his CD player on - with headphones....jamming out and singing loudly, while wearing his snazzy green boxers and nothing else.  

Ryan is on the couch trying to pretend that she isn't in this family.  Heh....  

Jesse is on his way home with McDonalds and milk.  (Yes, please...gotta have milk for the coffee.)  

The dogs are biting the crap out of each other.  Don't ask.  I don't know.  

The cats are hiding.  They hate when the dogs play.  LOL  

and me?  Sitting here with a tension headache (that I've had allllllll day), and a back spasm (that I've had allllll day), and my knee is swollen.  WTF?  I don't know.  I didn't do anything.  Unless Jesse kicked me in his sleep?  Hmm....yeah, that's it.  I'll scream at him later for it whether that's really what happened or not.  I got a short nap today, though.  As soon as I fell asleep, the dogs decided my bed was the perfect playplace.  I think I said something to include the F word.  (Yeah, I and my innocent little face...and I can say the F word. want hilarious?!  I can cuss like a sailor and Adrian repeats nothing I say.  Jesse says 'Damn it!' and Adrian is repeating it.  ROFLMAO  He hates that.  Of course, it's funny to me.  pfft.  

Even more hilarity?  Y'all know those little round side tables?  The ones that have three legs that you screw on to the tabletop?  Yeah....Adrian lays on top of it.....lifts up his feet...and already know where this is going?  I'm going to wet myself laughing, and the fact that the laughing is hurting my headache worse is SOOOO worth it.  At first he looked at me like 'oh shit....I am SO in trouble' and then when I laughed, he looked at me and sulked off.  WHAT?!  It was funny!  What a crab....LOL   The garbage man is gonna give me another dirty look cuz that's going out to the curb, I guess...

Oh....btw, my confession of the day.  I ate an ENTIRE bag of Storck Chocolate Riesens.  eesh...


  1. My you do have your hands full!  Sounds like my household plus dogs!!!  I hope nothing of value was on the table and that Adrian didn't get hurt!  Hope your headache is gone by now and that the knee is feeling better and wish I was there to share the Chocolate Riesens!!  Diana Ross singing I Will Survive, I Will Survive, Does that apply to us moms here??  It's going to be our theme!  : )

  2. GEZZZZZZZZZ girl I just bought reisens LOL I love them. Now your house sounds ashilaorious as mine. I sure wish you could have been on our camping trip Todd and I got really silly about one am and playing cards the girls were like mom dad shusssssssssssssssss LOL the other campers I said Tell em to turn thier music up too!!!!!!!!! they wont hear ours or better yet go to sleep GOSH MOM Dad. yup My girls are like your Ryan. pretending LOL GIRL Ihope you got yoru milk and the ingriedients for unle irvs recipie LOL Im so glad your wrote  Ineeded a nice bed time laugh. . OHthe dogs yeah my cats glare and hate the dogs one day I find them the cats will have turned them to kitty shredds. LOL OH wehave been remodeling adn cleaning out hte garage for months now oru garbage men sneer fromt he time the are across the streen till they come back up at uss. We had better watch it or they will band against US LOL

  3. You need to lay the smackdown on the fighting dogs!  Be the mean dictator or somebody's going to need a trip to the vet for stitches.  Just sayin'.     Russ

  4. too funny of an entry, girl!!
    Robyn :)

  5. LOL some days you just have to laugh!

  6. Well, I'll eat a whole bag of Dove chocolates, if it makes you feel any better, and I have a tension headache too!  chocolate is good for headaches, right?  Or is it bad, I can't remember!

  7. How could you not make an entry with all that was happening at your place.  Lots of fun crazy stuff....and you are still laughing....that's a good thing, other than your headache.  


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