Sunday, May 15, 2005


I cleaned my desk three days ago.  It was a wide expanse of cleanliness.  Today, there is all kinds of crap on it.  None of it is mine.  (except the coffee mug, which is pretty much a permanent fixture...)  There is....a flip flop (1), a banana clip, a map, GameBoy games, batteries, a calculator, a ripped up dog toy, a vacuum accessory, a car light, a spray bottle, random CDs, some Nerds candy, on and on and on.  NONE OF THIS IS MY STUFF!  WHY IS IT ON MY DESK?!  I'll tell you why.  Because my desk was clean.  

I'm feeling really tired today, partly because I stayed up late, but also because of the joyous visit from Aunt Flo.  The past few months, I've actually been getting cramps, which is weird, because I never used to get them before.  Of course, lately a lot of things are hurting that never used to hurt before.    You know, I don't really have feelings of animosity towards the girl who caused our accident, but it sure does suck that it happened.  I guess I'm just thinking anyone can make a really stupid mistake.  We had seen an accident last week (Jesse and I) and he said to me "It used to be that when I would see an accident, I would feel so sorry for both of the people involved, but now, I look at the accident and I don't feel sorry for the person who caused that wrong?"  and I said "'s not wrong, because that's how you, though....I guess I've had a lot of time to think, to be mad, to be sad, etc, and I don't get mad at the person who caused it, because I know that it could happen to anyone.....a mom whose toddler is screaming in the back seat and she glances back at him worried...and BAM.....or the guy who sneezes for a millisecond...and BAM.....that's all it takes, really...and they are all not intentional.  I don't think anyone ever intends to get into an accident.  Granted, there ARE just some dumb asses in the world <like 18 yr old boys driving Daddy's new sports car?  let's not go there..> , so......."  and I trailed off.  Anyway, what was the point there?  Oh, who cares.  I'm not going to scroll up and look.  pfft..  

I ran out of milk this AM.  Yes, you can all imagine my coffee dilemma considering that I forgot to buy some coffee mate or some such at the store last time.  ::sigh::  Actually, I didn't run was just bad, but anyway.....I went rummaging thru cabinets and found......some coffee creamer from Jesse's MREs.  HA!  Who's cool?  Heh... I'll take my coffee and my Midol and grouse about til Jesse gets home.  Bring some food home on your way, ok, Jesse?  hee hee hee....


  1. Nature abhores a vacuum; that's why all the stuff collected on your desk!

  2. I was responsible for causing an accident where I turned in front of somebody because I was distracted.  The lady I hit was not hurt at all, but my son, Glenda and I had some minor injuries.  Bryan was not hurt at all.  It could have been alot worse.  The date is still burned into my memory, January 14, 1990.  I had custody of my cousin's two children (Bryan and Glenda) because she was abusive to them.  I had been up for almost two weeks with Bryan because he had a severe ear infection, to the point his ears would actually bleed.  I called the doctor to ask him to prescribe something to help Bryan sleep, so I could (he was just a baby).  I was just too tired to be driving. I saw a van that I thought was a close friend.  It did not turn where I thought it should have and I kept watching wondering why she did not turn where she was supposed to, not realizing I had started to turn without looking.  Like I said, I was waaaayy to tired to be driving.  Bad thing is, the truck I was driving belonged to my brother-in-law. :(

  3. Don't feel too bad about the desk.  I can't keep a horizontal surface in my house clean either, and I have just as many kids as you do, though mine are younger.  One of these days I'll get up the nerve to post a pic of my dining room just wouldn't believe it.  I have to get a 3-day head start if we actually want to eat on it!

  4. OH man I Have horrid cramps and pain and swelling I actually go up a few sizes in clothes and man the huge clots that are painful t he dr said I am having contractions to pass them. UGH> I was reading that vitamine K is a big factor in this and other stuff. most sites I read said a woman only looses a shot glass fulll each month but it seems bigger but I know I loose way more than that. waymore. Todd said oh yeah he knows way more so I read on that and it says VItamin K again> Why dont drs tel you this and why is K not in womens vitamines I had mine hit me Thrusday which made for a bad camp trip. well on that part for Friday I was sor and cranky. And f course camping always sets hubby in the mood LOL  yes The kids pile up my kitchen table and my stuff I Hate that crap!!!!!!
    ifeel like you do about accidnets since my girls had thiers and tht boy the way he lied and tried to screw us. I know you can have an accident but hten own up be honest. YOu por thing and your coffe I guess you cant boro from a  neighbor huh?????? Well I wouldnt mine anyway.

  5. Pleazzzzz pass the midol and no one will get hurt.  And who the ... messed up my desk too??  Invaders... office imposters... it's not my desk anymore.  Someone has mysteriously moved into it who is not filing anything much at all or keeping up with the books as she should.

  6. My desk must be a junk magnet because every time i clean it off something else appears, including dust.

  7. u should see the cars that kids in my school drive--hummers, suv's, mecedes, convertables(new ones), beamers....and they're only 17/18....


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