Friday, May 27, 2005

Vet visit, ghost shows, and some temporary peace and quiet..

Jesse took the boys to see Madagascar.....

Ryan is watching some haunting shows on the Travel Channel.....

and I'm the peace and quiet.  Just me and my Diet Coke.


We had to take the dogs to get their shots today, and decided to get them both microchipped, even though I never let them out of my sight.    Gordo actually growled at the vet after his 2nd shot.  LOL  He was like 'Oh no, you did NOT stick me twice!  Is that ANOTHER shot you're gonna give me?!  Nu uh, Lady!'  hee hee...poor muffin.  Paco took his shots like a man, though.  They were both very good... but's apparent now that Gordo gets carsick on longer trips.  do de do......yep...gonna have to get out the steam cleaner.... say it with me now....ewwww..

I did very well on eating better today.  Splenda in my coffee, big jug of Evian, and Subway for dinner.  Yay, me.  No, I didn't have lunch.  There just wasn't time.  It works out though.  I wasn't hungry with all that water.

I think I may go to bed early tonight, just because.  I don't have any pains to report, but I'm thinking around 3 AM, Ryan is going to come into my room and say "Mom?  Can I sleep with you?  Those ghost shows freaked me out......'  hee hee....


  1. Amy
    Glad to hear you have no pains to report tonight.  Let me know what they thought of Madagascar.  The previews make it look like a fun movie.  Yeah, at my age I'm still interested in cartoons, LOL!

  2. Diet Coke?  Yucky poo-poo!  I don't like no diet drinks, maybe that is why I gained 27 freakin' pounds during the 3 years and four months we lived in Colorado!!!!!  I do love water though!!!!  I love Dr. Pepper (not diet either!!!!), but after my bout with kidney stones, which I never want, the doc told me to lay off caffeine.  Why does all the good stuff have to be so bad fer ye?

    P.S.  Waitin' to hear if Ryan ends up in your bed, lol.  Happened to us more times than I care to remember.  Guess it is a good thing my kids are 10 years apart and we had a Queen size bed, lol.

  3. My niece is the same way...She'll be okay to watch a scary movie (like the ring) but once she gets into the shower she is so scared that she showers with the curtain open!! LOL

  4. hestiahomeschoolMay 27, 2005 at 6:40 PM

    My greyhounds are microchipped, too. That is one big needle!

  5. it sounds like a nice quiet evening for u...those used to be my favorite when the kids were young! i just needed one night every so often to revive myself! hope u have a nice weekend..


  6. You know, I switched to Splenda in my coffee (and cut back on wine), and I think it helped!  I love Splenda.

  7. ewww....poor Gordo!!!

  8. Sounds like a great day other than the car sickness of Gordo.  Two shots though!  What a trooper!  Glad you got some time with you and the diet coke.  We moms never can seem to get enough of either of those!  Hope you have a nice long weekend and get to do all the things you enjoy most in life.    

  9. sounds like your feeling alot better these days :)

  10. You ought to see PEPPER it takes me Todd and the vet to hold him down in a corner . He is climbing up trying to go over my back. Hes freaking WILD> i mean he goes crazy!!!!!!!! Havent seen honey yet. she is micro chipped Pepper , Sasha and bones have collar tags and so does honey. I do that becuase some people still dont knon w to check for chips and I like you dont let my dogs out of my sight. But HONEY IS a runner. Graet girl on yoru diet sounds like your off to a good start. BUT ONa holiday weekend GOOD grac ious girl. hard time to start one. You look great anyway so dont know what your dieting for. Tracy was 2 and came in the tent with us on a camping trip of course it was her her sister coming in on me Todd and three dogs!!!!!!!!! Pepper was not happy. !!!!!!!!!!!  We tease her to this day.

  11. Well, you gave it your best "shot" and your doing good! Have a fun holiday weekend. rich

  12. If I watch scary movies, I get very creepy when it comes to bedtime. I'm 58!

  13. I love watching scary movies, but get really pissed when they didn't scare the hell outta me!

    Madagascar, can't wait to see it.  The previews for it are hilarious!

    Oh, you just reminded me to make a vet. appt. for my little furball.

    I will be dieting after this holday weekend.  Girl you would not believe all the stuff I shoved in this belly of mine the past 3 days. Can you say GLUTTONY!!!???


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