Monday, May 9, 2005


Well.  The weekend is over.  The week has started.  MY week started kinda ok, however.......Ryan got up, plopped behind me, and snapped 'Can you please wake me up BEFORE you let the puppy into the room because I don't enjoy being woken up with him biting me!'  <Amy raises an eyebrow and then turns around>  In 'nice mom' mode, I say 'Go lay back down in my room then....I'll put up the baby gate...'  She snaps 'I'm already awake!'  I say <neck swing>  "That was NOT a request.  Go back and lay down until your crabby ass can talk nicely."  Cripes.....snarly children.  I think not.  

In other news, both the dog and the cat threw up this morning.  I looked at them both and said 'You see?!  That's what you get for partyin' til all hours of the morning!'  

Mothers Day was good, but then again, every day is Mothers Day for me.  I am blessed to be able to see my children every day.  At least one of them does something sweet every day that makes me glad I am their mother.  So, y'know.....    Oh yeah, and hey V - I DID get cake!  LOL  

I'll be sharing goofy pet pictures that my email drama has subsided, I can get on with the fun stuff.....  


  1. YUP kids gotta lvoe em. But boy we are glad we got thier crabby butts!!!!!!!!Hope the puppy is better and the car well shoot it dang it shoot it LOL WE are blessed ot have a car to tear up and a dog to puke HOney puked and had the runs last night YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! and husbands and kids. It was and is a happy mothers day every day.

  2. Know what you mean about every day being Mother's Day, but I normally would not have it any other way.......however, there are those moments (fortunately few and far between) you wish to have the power to zap them to some remote place like Siberia, lol. :)

  3. LOL  just love crabby kids...not!!!!

  4. Yea you got cake, now quuit complaining!  And who the heck kidnapped your children and replaced them with angels, is their a number I can call???


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