Monday, June 13, 2005

...and the Winner is....

  I am now the proud owner of........a new chest freezer.    

Hold your applause, please.     

The story was.....I complained.  Long and loud.  "Jesse, we need a chest freezer."  I said.  'Nah...we don't need one' he said.  "Yes, we do..."  I said.  "I'm tired of going shopping and then coming home to stress about where all the freezer stuff is going to fit.  Come home with a freezer today or you are cut off, buddy, til you DO bring one home."  He stuck out his tongue at me, blew me a kiss, and off to work he went.    

Later that evening, Jesse pulls into the driveway and Adrian yells "Daddy's home and he's got a big package!"  ::long pause::  Well.  ::cough::     

But anyway, there was my freezer.  Heh.  Either I wore him down, or the threat of no nookie was scaring him.  LOL    

Adrian is happy, because he has a big box to play with.  (The boy clean forgot about every other toy, because he had A BOX!  hee....)    

I'm happy, because I don't have to stress about where I'm supposed to put freezer food anymore...AND I can actually stock up if something goes on sale now.    

Who wants an ice cream sandwich?!  I got a bunch!  You know why?  Because I have a big freezer now! 


  1. OH we  love our freezer. I keep mine in the garage. Yup I tell Todd UMMMMM I Ll cross my legs boy!!!!!!!!! LOL works everytime LOL so glad you got your freezer

  2. Congrats on your new freezer.  I had always wanted one also for the same reason.  During the time we lived in Palmer Lake, CO, my friend, Carol had a yard sale.  She had one that she said was just in the way and if I would take it, she would sell it to me for $10.00.  It is a small upright, but just the right size for our family and I like it because it does not take up much room.  Since that time, I have had two more given to me.  The first one was a chest freezer, which I gave my nephew, the great white hunter, lol, and the second one I did not even need, so I declined on the offer to get it.  Did take the fridge they gave us though, since Jess took the one she and Brandon bought in the divorce.  Wouldn't ya know it?  It is conking out on us, not keeping things cold enough.  Going today to buy a new one.   If I had the money to buy a new one, would not be so bad.  Know what I mean????

  3. maybe I need to with-hold sex.....but I need to get him working on getting a newer van first!!!

  4. We had an upright freezer that I liked a lot, but I remember when I was a kid we had a chest freezer (that thing was HUGE.  I coulda put a body in there...) and were always losing things in the bottom.  When we unpacked it all to move, there was stuff in there that was either totally unrecognizable, completely beyond freezer-burned, or nobody remembered buying the stuff in the first place.  Not to mention that I am short and would probably wind up falling inside the darn thing while trying to reach the stuff in the bottom...but I'm just clumsy that way.  My Gramma had much better luck with hers, I swear!  Heeee...congrats, punkin!  

  5. The box for a refrigerator was turned into a club house when I was a kid....52 years ago.

  6. Im willing to bet it was the nookie

  7. So........tell us:

      Does Jesse have a big package?  

    hee hee hee   Ignore me.  I'm gayer than a picnic basket!


  8. It's amazing what a little "SEX THREAT" will get done. Happy frozen stuff! rich

  9. WOOHOO a new freezer.  NIcki

  10. That's a novel way of getting a freezer.....freeze him or the food! lol

  11. Threat of no Vagina = Power  (but that only works on straight men)

  12. I'd love to have an ice cream sandwhich and congrats on the new chest freezer!  I love ours!  But then I wanted an extra refrigerator area space too so now we have two full size refrigerators, both with large freezers.  I'm happy.  I stock the one in the garage with freezer stuff on top and cold drinks for the kids ready to go all summer long and for after school.  It kinda helped that we work on an apartment complex and the boss was getting rid of this one due to how ugly it is on the outside.  Works fine.  We'll take it we said.  Gotta love those job perks. Yay!  Hugs,

  13. wow!! cool!! gotta love the guy who brings home a chest freezer, even if it was because of nookie..rofl!! I'll take an ice cream :)


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