Sunday, June 26, 2005

<insert anti-subject here>

So...I had the previously talked about prime rib for dinner on Friday and it was good.  I don't mean 'Yeah...that was pretty good.'  I mean 'holy crap, I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner' good.  I had a glass of wine with it, too...and you know what?  I didn't eat one damn vegetable and I don't care!  Yeah!  So there!  (who am I sassing?  I don't know....just go with me here, ok?!) 

Anyway, we did Sam Seltzer's Steakhouse and then obviously, since I hadn't had enough to drink (?), Jesse decided he wanted to go to Green Iguana I had an amaretto sour - cuz that's what I always get.  They're my favorite.  Ryan said I looked pretty before we went out....and tried to take a picture, but she got frustrated because I kept blinking.  (HELLO?!  People are supposed to blink!!!  Geez....)

Saturday morning....we FINALLY got rid of a bunch of stuff I just didn't want in my damn house anymore.  Jesse went and got the HD truck, loaded it up with stuff, and set off for the dump.  It was nice to walk around the house and not be annoyed with stuff that needed to be....well, not where it was.  After we finished that, I was like 'wow....I feel pretty energetic today!  Weird, since the past 2 weeks, I've felt WIPED.  OUT.'  and then it hits me.....I forgot to take the Wellbutrin.  So, I took it...and about 30 minutes later, I was like 'Duhhhhhhh'.  Jesse looked at me and said 'Ok, stop taking that stuff.  It makes you all depressed and stoned looking.' so that's the end of that.  Wasn't THAT fun?!  Um.  Lemme think.  Lemme think a little more.......... and the answer  The first 3 days on the Wellbutrin went well.....I felt pretty good.  Then after that, it just wiped me out.  If I could have slept all day, I would have.  So...I guess Jesse likes me pissy as opposed to sleepy.  LOL

Today, I'm just chillin' and snacking on leftover Chinese food....and...annoying the dogs by taking pictures.  The kids cover their faces and won't let me take pictures, so I moved on to the dogs.  LOL  Hmm...I wonder where the cats are..... 


  1. Geesh.  So you're taking all those pictures of the dogs and didn't even share one with us?

  2. must be that time of year or something.  I just did that too.  Nicki

  3. Wellbutrin is some potent doubt.
    Evidently not for you though. Bummer. It's done wonders for me:)
    I have a damn house full of stuff that needs to GO.
    Take care-

  4. YUM that steak sounds fabulous. WIsh I had one. I dont know what an amaretto sour is can you explain?????? Might be good. Hey I ll take pisc of you blinking I do it too. Now I dont feel so alone LOL I hear well butrin can make you pretty stoned looking but just how does JEss know what stoned looking is ???????? COME FORTH GIRL!!!!!!! clear your self LOL WHo you hanging round lOL Just kidding I do thatto my kids all the time so thought I d share the love LOL yup cranky just might be better than not here.

  5. I would be lost without my WEllbutrin.....sorry it didn't work for you!

  6. I couldn't take that wellbutrin either.  Made me sleep for a month straight.  I missed a whole month of my life.  Maybe if I'd quartered the pills or something.  I hated the stuff.  Would love to have prime rib and wine.  Sounds divine.  Ok, now you are making me hungry!  Doesn't it feel great to be de-cluttering?  I've been on the same kick for a few months now.  It's starting to feel so good.  I just love seeing the stuff we acquire leave the house.   I still have a LONG way to go to get rid of more stuff.  The kids don't know it yet but the toy boxes are next!  Hugs,

  7. domesticatedchicJune 28, 2005 at 3:46 PM

    I love leftover Chinese~ lol* So good~ Melaney

  8. hestiahomeschoolJune 29, 2005 at 6:16 PM

    Wellbutrin made food taste better, but also made me sleepy. I took it for post partum after a miscarriage..


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