Sunday, June 26, 2005

Beware the woman with the camera

It started innocently enough..... a sweet photo op with the dog....

But he didn't enjoy the attention, since he was trying to he went somewhere else....

obviously, it's true love with him and his food bowl.....

But then......the flash woke him up, so he wanted outside.  To get away from me?  Maybe....hee hee....but I followed him!

He needs to chew a stick to rid himself of the frustrations, I guess...  But then his big brother decided to help him out and draw some of the attention away....

But.....he soon took off when he decided the spotlight was not enjoyable....

Gordo finally decided to just give me the money shot so I'd go away.....

and since I needed a new victim....... let's just embarrass the cat during bathtime...

err.....ok.  I can take a hint.  The dogs just pretend I'm not there.....the cat, looking at me like 'Take another picture and I pee on your pillow while you sleep.'

Um.  I'm done now.  Y'all may go back to your regularly scheduled fun.  hee hee...


  1. Now THAT'S more like it!

  2. I love those dogs, all dogs

  3. Love Love the animal pix. (doggies especially)
    I tortured my doggie too
    check her out. >>>

  4. OMG that was so adorable!

    I tried to get my little guy in the pool today, every time he came up to the pool I would put my arms over the side, then he would fall to the ground with all his legs up, playing dead I way Mama I'm not getting in that pool!

    Cats are big on revenge...don't be surprised if she starts a journal and puts pics of YOU during bath time  <insert evil laugh>.

  5. I dso loved this. I think the rabbits and all animals ran from me this weekend. It was so funny sit right there till I get out of the truck and BOOM they were gone and I got a few pics of Pepper hiding and looking like that cat did LOL He got apink bow from Daddy and he was NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!!!!!!!  Il ove the gordo pics and and how cute are the fur baby pics. chasing them around. Paco stealing the light is so cute.

  6. They are all sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!  Love all the pics, but your sense of humor makes the entry!


  7. Your pets are just beautiful!  I can tell each one has a personality all their own.

  8. oooooh... you don't want cat revenge! LOL

  9. the animals are beautiful................Jules xxxx

  10. Your dog is so beautiful!  I wish I could just give him a big hug!

  11. domesticatedchicJune 28, 2005 at 3:37 PM

    Love the pictures! Love the cat expression! lol* :) Melaney

  12. hestiahomeschoolJune 29, 2005 at 6:15 PM

    :-)   We had Goldens for years. It would be hard to find a sweeter family dog.  

  13. That was cute.  Nice story to go with the pics.  LOL Nicki


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