Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Catching Up...

OK, so where was I?

Oh yeah.....I remember.  But first...if I suddenly end up with a half written journal entry, it was because I was too stupid to get off the computer when I heard thunder and now the computer is probably smouldering.  Let's hope not.  That happened once before and it was three months before I got a new one.  That sucked.  Did I say it sucked?  Oh, yeah, it sucked.

Anyway.........I have been around and reading all of your journals, but haven't been commenting much...mainly because I've become a graphics junkie and it's taking up a chunk of my time.  You'll forgive me, right?  If anyone misses me, email me.  I'm quick to get back to you...(Right, Susan?  LOL)

It has been SO.  DISGUSTINGLY.  HOT. here lately.  I'm saying WAY GROSS.  I do not want to stick my head out the door in the daylight hours unless there are clouds in the sky.  I'll find the pic I took from the other day.  THAT was my kind of day.  Rain, storms, clouds.  *phew*  (Somebody tell me again why I live in Florida...)  We need to hurry up and fill up the pool.  eesh.....


I have lost poundage, for those of you wondering after I made comment that I needed to lose a pound or 10.  I rewarded myself with Subway for dinner last night.  I LOVE Subway.  But anyway, tonight will be another big salad because we got sunflower seeds which are so good on salad that I keep eating just for the crunch noise.  But it's salad, who cares how much of it I eat, right?  Right.

AND.....I have a Dr appt on Friday, so I'll go in and whine about this, that, and the other and see what he thinks.  It's a new doctor so he better be nice or I'll beat him up.  Yeah, that's it.  Either that or I'll go sit in the car after the appt and cry because he was mean.  We'll have to see.  Does anyone think I should get me some Lexapro?  I know some of you have been on it.....pros?  cons?  Help me out here.....

.....and before I end my entry, I must give one of my bestest buds, Emily....some props for today.  See?!  There's a light at the end of the tunnel!!!  Major major hugs for you!  *wink*


  1. Hi Amy-
    I miss you!!  Congrats on the poundage loss!  We have had thunderstorms too!  Hope you are having a great day!

  2. Thanks sweets.  I looooooooove you!!  *mwah*  Oh, and congrats on losing some weight!  and Lexapro...what is that?  Sounds like a muscle relaxant, am I right?

  3. wow congrats on your weight loss. Eating salad can get old unless your creative. I like fruit too. OH I know the graphics thing. I cant find time to do it. I want to do more.  I just cant seem to get it done. I miss you when you dont comment in my journal or do entries in yours. But I know how fun graphics canbe. We finaly got hot and humid here this week after 50's and then this in the 90's its hard to deal with. we kind of skpped spring. Let me know how your dr appt goes. I need to find a pill as Im due to have aunt flo come thursday I think and I tell you Im a raging bull right now.

  4. I am sooo tired of salads!!!!!

  5. Yeah, Im with them. Whats Lexapro? Never heard of it!

  6. You're a trip.

    you live in florida because you love over-sized cockroaches, and 40 year olds that look 60 because of the sun.  You sicko you.

    My mind wants to lose ten lbs, but my body doesn't want to.  We are fighting over it all the time.  The body is winning.  Maybe I should cut off my hands?  Nah, I;d use my feet to stuff my face.

    Lexapro?  It works, if you like being tired 24/7.

  7. Okay, now I'm laughing because none of these peeps know what Lexapro is....

  8. Alright...I just read through your last 5 or so journal entries.  I've been really bad at keeping up.  Don't hate me.  :P  
    Let's see...
    Happy Belated to your beautiful daughter!!  YEA!!  15!!  
    I'm loving my 15 yr old daughter right now...she has been soo sweet.  When is she going to turn on me??  Hope never.  LOL

    Gotta love that face of the dog ~ he's too smart for his own good.  I hadn't thought of spelling things out for my two dogs...naaahhh they are too dumb.

    Okay...and what is with Barry Manilow?  And how long ago did you see him in concert?  :)  I know..I've seen him too.  


  9. I love sunflower seeds in my salad!! Isn't it great?? So glad to know I'm not a freak, because whenever anyone sees me pour on the sunflowers seeds, they look at me!

    Robyn :)

  10. I was on Lexapro for a while--the upside is it has the least amount of side effects then any other anti depressant--the downside may be that it might not be as strong as you'd like.  The first few days of taking it though is kind of weird cause you have to adjust to it~Tarah

  11. Way to go on the weight loss! Not an easy thing. ~ Lori

  12. Its nice to hear your reading even though theres no comment.


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