Monday, June 20, 2005

Fathers Day recap

"Hey, Jesse!  What was your favorite part of Fathers Day?!"


Isn't that the cutest?!  I know he's going to say 'Why did you use that picture?!  I look fat!'  but're sleeping....everybody looks that way when they're sleeping....LOL...

Fathers Day for us was celebrated a day early since Jesse had to work on Sunday...  we did dinner out, and he assembled his present, and then he just laid around the house - which was a good present because he is always working his butt off.  ALWAYS.  So, I said 'Look....lay down, watch TV, sleep if you so choose....but you may not do anything all day.'  So....he did.

His present.....from the kids....was a blower.  (The funny part is that when we talked to the BIL and FIL, the BIL had received a weedeater.  The FIL had received a mower.  Noone had talked to anyone we were all laughing....that we were trying to tell them to go into the landscaping business or something.  Hee hee..)

His present from me......well.  Um.  Never you mind!    ::giggle::

All in all...not too bad of a day......


  1. I been waiting for an emtry from you girl!!!!!!!!!! I love this one and that pic is sweet. at 17 and 24 our girls dont snuggle anymore LOL HEY how about three men law care with those gifts LOL GIRL you put me to shame. Ifyou read my journal you will see I had my hubby working his butt off!!!!!!!! ON fathers day on MY TRUCK!!!!!!!! OH my GOD IM a lousy wife. I did not evne pay him like you paid yours !!!!!!!!!!! GOOD FRIEF!!!!!!!!! Happy fathers day to your hubby. ACTUALLY for me house cleaning is therapy and for him body work is therapy. I KNow we are sick people.

  2. Ahh, landscaping business...I'd use them, but my hubby won't let ANYONe touch his lawn!  It's his baby, whatever....

  3. Amy, so glad you all had a nice Father's Day together.  Unfortunately, my hubby is still in Colorado Springs, so we could only tell him on the phone.  He did get a new weedeater.  It is the kind that is very similar to a lawnmower.  Almost $400 bucks worth of weedeater!!!!  Told him that was his 50th birthday present AND his Father's Day.  He said that was JUST fine 'cause he loves his new toy!!!!

  4. great picture...Ernie had a smelly Farter's day!  LOL

  5. That is a great picture!  Chris

  6. You could not have gotten a better pick to represent Fathers day.  Very nice.  Nicki

  7. That is adorable the two of them sleeping on the sofa!  And it is so nice when hubby gets to relax around here too as yes our men do work so hard.  And how funny about the blower, mower and weedeater presents to Jesse, BIL and FIL!  Did I tell you we had a landscaping business in Ohio for like years and years and years?  Wanna be partners?

  8. How adorable is that?!?!?!


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