Saturday, June 18, 2005

I know.....I haven't said anything since Wednesday.  I just felt like I had nothing to say of any interest, so why type to see myself type, right?

What have I been up to...  Well.  I got this book -->The Paris Apartment : Romantic Decor on a Flea-Market Budget.  It's fabulous....I love it....I'm smitten.  So...I shall be shopping my tushy off until I have a house that I love.....because as it stands house ok, but I don't LOVE it.


and ummmm.....other than that I've know.....out there.  I'm thinking it has something to do with the Wellbutrin.  My mind has just been very quiet, so I don't yap for the sake of yapping like usual.  One of my friends said I was less bubbly.  Bubbly?  I was bubbly?  Good grief.....why not just call me a .....something that ends with an 'itch' and call it a day!  ::ahem::  I kid.  Bubbly people are nice.  ::pause::  I just don't want them around me. 

and with that, we are celebrating Fathers Day today because the Hubster has to work tomorrow....and because celebrating on any day other than the actual holiday is always better for us.  At least we won't have to wait an hour and 17 minutes just to get a booth at Denny's, right?  (Not to say we're eating at Denny's but you get my point...)


  1. Amy, my house is decorated with flea market finds, thrift store finds, things that have been given to me, craft shows, etc.  I have actually bought very little.  Cool thing is, I get so many compliments on it.  I hope to post pics of all the A-frame real soon.  Still have a ways go go yet with all this unpacking.  It is MOSTLY unpacked.  I just need shelves and bookshelves built, that sort of thing.  At least you will probably see your hubby at some point and time tomorrow.  Mine is in Colorado Springs where I wish I was!!!! :(

  2. That celebrating a day beforehand sounds like a good idea.... beat all the crowds. I wish I could take hubby out for breakfast tomorrow, but he is working...sigh..police Depts. don't close for holidays  :(  Maybe I can surprise him at work with a cake or something.
    Robyn :)

  3. you can get some real good bargains at flea markets and car boot sales and whos to know where you bought them if you dont say.............Jules xxxxx

  4. Sounds like you had a lot to say.  Try not to stress yourseld out.  I am called bubbly too and I am like who me yeah right then you obvoiusly dont know me.  Nicki

  5. Taco Bell, not Denny's, right?  I know BLASPHEMY, you, Taco Bell?

    I need some of your good ole mexican cooking' to cure me of that place.

    bubbly people suck, there I said it, they make me nauseous.  I tried bubbly, didn't work, people thought I was on drugs...well more than I already am.

    I decorated my ENTIRE living room with yard sale finds...Mom just brought home this cute lighthouse lamp, where when you turn it on, the shade is lit up with all these colors, even though it appears to be a white shade (it's painted on the inside). coolness I tell you.  I'll take a pic, when the camera gets back from the Zoo.

  6. my hubby is working on Father's day too...and he is complaining....but did I really complain when he worked on Mother's day and I had the kids to myself!  heck no!

  7. I love the graphic you posted (good job!!) and that is a lot like my style of decorating.  I'm sort of country too and so the Paris Apartment look combines sophistication and elegance and country charm-- a style I love!!  Especially the part about the flea market budget!  Hope you have a great Father's Day celebration!  Wellbutrin made me very calm.  I was taking it at the wrong times and got sleepy though for like a month.  Finally I threw it away- LOL!

  8. GIRL com on I know your eatin at dennys. !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Share the love girl. Yes I think your bubbly and that is good. I love your entries. Now when you do all the stuff you love you know you have share pics of what you have done. So we can copy it . I cant wait to see it all

  9. I was wondering where you were gurl! of course I am dropping my juggling balls everywhere around here these days so I should talk!   LOL
    Happy Father's day to your hubster. he is in good compny as I am working too this weekend. I am currently in the doghouse on that one. We'll see if i still am after the kids give him his gifts.

  10. Enjoy your "shop out". I used to love picking up bits & pieces for the home, for next to nothing, and dressing them up. Enjoy!

  11. Eating at Denny's is not too bad actually, but the breakfast is so much better =) nice reading you. I actually was in my OLD journal and seen your link so decided to drop by... you are very interesting =) keep up the writng because it seems you are not writing to yourself, you have alot of readers as i can see =) You journal very well!!


    P.S. If u don't remember who I am, I did and entry in the OLD journal on Anxiety and Panic Attacks and your comment was you actually got sick from the phone ringing =(


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