Sunday, June 5, 2005

La de da - or my sad attempt at not having an entry titled 'untitled' again

In my foulness of the day.....I was wandering (the internet, of you thought I was going to get up off my lazy butt and wander outside?!) and ran across Hi Honey, I'm Home!  For the love of anything and everything holy....put the drink down before you read. 

oh....and um.  He doesn't know I know it, but my son is dancing to Stayin' Alive right now.  Alex is getting down with his bad self, for sure.  TOOOOO bad I would have to pass him to get the video camera.  Just tooo toooo bad.....  <smirk>

Jesse will be back from a Reserves stint tonight, which will be good for a number of reasons.  One being that I've barely gotten out of this damn chair all weekend....LOL  WHO NEEDS SLEEP, DAMMIT!  I'VE GOT THE INTERNET!  Hmm?  oh.  sorry....::ahem::  The other is because he's bringing food home.  Unhealthy deep fried food.  Food that I am going to relish with such enthusiasm that we may want to sell tickets.  Hmm.  ok, maybe not...but after a week of salad and turkey breast, you can bet I'm going to eat my junk food and enjoy it!

and you notice that now I finally figured out how to put normal sized graphics in here, that I'm not even bothering with it?  WTH?  There is something wrong with me.  (Duh!)




  1. NOPE Nothing wrong with you girl. !!!!!!!!!!!!! and I can bet after turkey adn salads  yes you deserve some greasy fast food. and I m going to DQ I keep saying htat. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    glad your hubby coming home. I know you miss hims so much. do you have t pass Alex to get the camera man I would love ot see pics of him dancing to staying alive LOL HOw cool. LOL I Ll check out the other journal thanks for sharing.

  2. you know, I really do not need a new journal to read!  sheeesh , some freind you are!  LOL

  3. I have been the same way about getting off my lazy butt.  Is it something in the air or what?  And I am a neat freak in my old age, lol.  Been really lazy since we came back to Alabama.  What is up with that?  In my own defense, hubby had a bad upset tummy all night and was up and down.  How the heck can I sleep with all that going on?  Feel like I have been run over by a steamroller backwards!!!!

  4. <sigh> Just what I needed... a new journal to read <grumble, grumble> oh Well, the couch is confy and I have plenty of Coke (the drinking kind you silly people!) so, what the heck!

  5. Finally gonna get your LJS?  They have salads there too, yanno.....*snort*

  6. Are you lookin' to be smited, Miss Em?!  ROFL


  7. PFFFFFFFFFTTTT!!!  You'd better just be glad I can't put graphics in the journal comments!  Hahahahaaa!!

    ~Miss Em :P

  8. I just kinda skimmed the link....and that photo of the guy in suspenders stood out for me.  What the f --k???
    It's late.  I'm tired.  And slightly weirded-out.   Russ

  9. LMAO AMY!!  I LOVE YOUR JOURNAL!  OMG you are hilarious woman!!  I have been rolling reading your journal here!  NICE TO MEET YOU!  HUGS Gwen

  10. Love this entry!  It's you in best sarcasm form ever!!  Very entertaining to read... you sure do have a gift in the writing department girlfriend!!  Oh and good job on the turkey and salad!  That should be my grocery list for next week.  It would be so easy.  I could just buy one dang huge bird and two heads of lettuce and that should cover about three or four days of food around here!  Hmmm... thanks for the idea!!  Oh and I would pay money to see Alex dancing to Stayin' Alive!  Too cool!!  Hugs,

  11. Too funny, Amy!  One of my favorite graphics says I love my computer, my best friends live in there!

    Shame you couldn't get them on tape, lol, that would be priceless to own some day...  Future blackmail in action....

    Sorry I haven't been round much lately, I had lost your link and finally got it back!

    love, (((Hugs))), and prayers

  12. Ok I am glad I put my drink down.  LOL Nicki


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