Saturday, June 4, 2005

Music - the great mood alterer

I was feeling foul about various people and their ignorance.....but since music always chills me some.....I hit the AOL Music and chilled.....

Tell me you're not jammin' along.... (and no, I'm not going to translate.   )

Music Archive Videos: 1 of 10: Pitbull: 'Culo'

or this one.....??

Music Archive Videos: 1 of 2: Daddy Yankee: 'Gasolina'    


  1. I've heard it before...move your body girl...shake your body girl!

    Thanks for the jam!

    ~Peanut Butter Nae~

  2. "Me encanta la gasolina!"  "Dame más gasolina!"  Don't you just love Spanish Rap?

  3. wow What a great entry to come home from camping too!!!!!!!!!! COOL I listen to this stuff all the time. IN fact I listen to everything basically. WELL Most stuff Rachael makes cd after cd of music for me and it does sooth the soul

  4. Yeah I plug my headphones in and listen to the music.  I love it it calms me too.  Nicki


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