Saturday, June 11, 2005

Oh, what a beautiful morning...::record scratch::

So.  The Doctor appt.  Hmm.  Basically, he didn't ask me very many questions, didn't listen, and was backing out the door as I was asking him questions. you have somewhere to go?!  I know I have a 30 minute appt, for petes sake.  As soon as I told him I had mood swings, he instantly diagnosed me as bipolar.  (?)  Then he said 'You know we are not Pain Management.'  (disclaimer?  uhh...)  Hello.  You took the college, a doctor.  This was in reference to the chest muscle still hurting.  He says 'Well, I can write you a 'script for 800 mg Motrin....?'  Jesse says 'Why would we need a 'script for an OTC that she can just take 4 of?'  Yeah, you tell 'em, Jesse....cuz I was too stupefied to even speak.  I'm there thinking 'What the hell am I here for?!  omg.....this is the suckiest doctor ever.'  I can't believe I paid $82.00 for that visit.

Anyway, then he says 'Well, let's give you some........Lexapro?'  He asks me.  ?????  I nod my head because I've done some research and know about it.  Then he says ' could have that...that'll make you hyper though, and your manic-ness could come out....or depression could come depends....'  (so now I'm manic?  He gets this from 10 minutes of being in the room with me?)  OK, he is ASKING me what drugs I want.  ASKING.  ME.  See, I knew I should have made Jesse go to medical school when he said 'It'd be cool to go to medical school...I think I'd be a good doctor...'  So I'm looking at him like he's nuts (the doctor) and I"m like 'Ummm.....I don't.....know....?  What's your opinion?'  He shrugs.  I'm not kidding.  He shrugged.  (I should note, this is not the Dr I was supposed to see.  I made an appt with one, but didn't know that the Dr I was supposed to see takes off early on Friday, so DumbAss Doctor covers for him.)  So I'm thinking 'Did he just shrug?!  Is he really telling me to just <bleeping> pick a drug and he'll give it to me?  Where is his medical degree plaque?!'  He says 'The Wellbutrin will make you I don't know if you want that...' I say 'Hyper?  or just not tired?'  He says 'Well...not tired...'  I say 'I guess that one then..............?'  He says 'OK, I'll be right back.'  goes and gets me a months' worth of samples to make sure it works before I go paying for the 'script (well at least that was sensible) and hands it to me backing out the door like he's got things to do...

I looked at Jesse like 'Are we done?  Do we get up?'.  He shrugged at me and nodded, so we got up and paid the bill.  We went out and sat in the car and Jesse says 'I'm sorry.  That sucked.'  I said 'Yep.  The doctor was a moron and I'm crazy.  Wonderful.'  Pfft.

Tropical Storm Arlene was oh so exciting.  Not.  But at least we are getting some nice wind and cloud coverage.  Y'all up in MS and AL be careful though!


  1. Hi Amy!
    Ok time to comment if I haven't already.   :::fog:::
    First of all I love your journal and your sense of sarcastic humor.
    Second...I started on Wellbutrin a 'lil over 3 weeks ago.
    It's helping me greatly. In so many ways.
    I still need more time for the full effect.
    Not sure if it's the right drug for you but it saved me.
    If you want more info please feel free to email me.
    Have a gr8 day=)

  2. Nice bedside manner there......Wellbutrin did good for my wife and no sexual side effects, which was something she was worried about.

  3. I love your sense of humor too, Amy.  Can't help but wonder how the heck that doc got his medical license.  What a dope.  The doc was a moron, but you are not crazy.  My gosh, Amy, you have been through a lot, what with the car accident and all.  I know about pain and it can make you go off the deep end.  I been there.
    I know my brother did very well on it as long as he would take it and one of his diagnoses was being bipolar.  You should at least give it a try and that chiropractor we talked about, I swear he gave me my life back.  It is easier not to be depressed when you feel good.  Do ya know what I am trying to say?  No pain, you definitely would feel better.  Don't think I am saying well, what I am trying to say.  Hopefully you get the gist of it.  Love and prayers!

  4. Exactly why I dont do drs. They all seem to have OTHER Things to do on your paid times visit. I do my once a year pap iwth a nsur mid wife obgyn and then the rest of the trips are to the chiropractor. Heck todd was sneezing his head off from allergies. Went to the chiropractor and he popped his neck and he has been much better. No meds that say to clear u pthe sneezing nad wheezing of allergies take this medication and you may get the FLU BIG OLD WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  on that one. Im sorry your dr sucked. He did not really care about fixing you he just wnated his stinking money!!!!!!!!!!! JERK!!!!!!!!!! Yeah that storm is even affecting our weather.

  5. OMGosh!  What a quack!  Wellbutrin usually makes one calmer and if you take too much it will make you sleep.  And I can't believe he diagnosed you like that and offered you your choice in meds like that and shrugged like that!  
    Hugs and hope you feel better and can find a better doctor soon.  You'll probably have better luck with the good old fashioned book in your kitchen filled with home remedies!  I swear that helps me sometimes more than any of the doctors do.  LOL!  Hugs,

  6. THIS is why I don't go to doctors... unless I'm actually bleeding... O.k... even bleeding isn't enough.. unless I'm squirting out blood/or you can see the bone poking out of the skin <g> Thank goodness you can have a sense of humor about all of this!

  7. Don't worry I have met a mad Irish psychiatrist this week, my hubby's new locum.  If I told you what happened you wouldn't believe me.  

  8. ::shaking head::

    I had an experience with a doctor like that once...

  9. I do hope you call the doctor you were suposed to see and read him this entry.  He needs to know what type of quack he's got filling in for him while he is out on the golf course.  I know you can't just call and get him on the line, but leave a message saying it's urgent you speak with him personally and he should call you back.

  10. Another thing I forgot to mention in my email to you -- there have been several studies which suggest that women patients get quicker, more cursory examinations than men.  EVEN from female docs do this.  Be a real annoying bitch when it comes to your health, girlfriend!  Call and bug everybody at this doc's office.  Don't take any bullshit!!   Russ  

  11. Hey whats the saying you went to the Doctors practice LOL thats a contradiction in terms as it is.  Nicki

  12. Honey, I'm sorry you're having so much definitely have seemed blue lately.  Not sure if I've ever told you, but I'm on Prozac myself.  It helps me get things in the right perspective and get my arse off the couch, and I don't know what I would have done without it over the last year.

    I hope you'll see another doctor for a second opinion, because this guy sounds like a real ass.


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