Thursday, June 30, 2005

What are Frosty Paws?

The Frosty Paws is just frozen yogurt for the dogs, since dogs aren't supposed to have real ice cream because they can't tolerate something in the milk (I forget what now...but they can get severe diarrhea from milk).   (I looked it up - here's the reason why - From Pet Education -. Why you shouldn't give pets milk)

Basically it's just a 32 oz container of vanilla yogurt, a large jar of baby food bananas (the stage 3, I guess it is), 2 Tbsp of honey, and 2 TBsp of smooth peanut butter.  Mix it all up and put in ice cube trays to freeze.  After they're frozen, I pop them out into a baggie and dole them out as a treat to my babies.  :)  If they freeze really hard, you can zap them in the microwave for a few seconds to soften them dogs love them....  

The website I go to the most for pet treats is RecipeGoldmine Pet Recipes


  1. cool I got to print this out for mine. Is there a way to make peanut butter I wonder from baby food. My dogs love peanut butter.

  2. That recipe sounds really good, i'm going to try that for my dogs...thanks for the link to that site, what a gold mine of recipes there

  3. The reason dogs can't properly digest regular ice-cream is because of the high sugar and butterfat content.  Don't want to sound like a know-it-all .... just passing along info to a fellow pet-lover.


  4. Lol that actually sounds good =) Interesting though!!


  5. How cool! No pun intended ha ha Thx for sharing
    ~ Lori

  6. Neat idea.  A few years ago, there was a product called "Frosty Paws" that looking like those little individual serving sized cups of ice cream.  My weimaraner would have NOTHING to do with them.  She wanted only the real thing.  I didn't realize it could make dogs sick, but she never had a problem eating ice cream, which she did frequently.  Now I know.  


  7. Good to know.....

    I give my Mom's cat milk like once a week, she begs me for it I tell u...Mom is like you're cleaning up her sheet not me!  Okay, once she got the runs, so what?  You try saying no to an 18 year old cat!

  8. LOL I really need to stay caught up on your entries.  Nicki

  9. Both Morgan and D.K. now love you.... I'm saving that website in my favorites! Thanks!


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